The Kareena Kapoor-Bipasha Basu Scandal

The Kareena Kapoor-Bipasha Basu Scandal

When two sexy actresses work together, insecurities are but natural.
The Kareena Kapoor-Bipasha Basu Scandal
Kareena Kapoor

A fight and a subsequent cold war that continued for seven years started on the sets of Ajnabee, directed by Abbas-Mustan in 2001. The movie was a hit but the equation between its two lead actresses was a big flop! From passing racist comments to hitting out at each other through interviews and talk shows, the Kareena-Bips battle made for riveting headlines back in the day.

The drama over dresses

Ajnabee, starring Akshay Kumar, Bobby Deol, Kareena and Bipasha was a prestigious project to be a part of. Shot in exotic locations like Switzerland and Mauritius, the thriller generated a lot of interest even before its release. But everything got sidelined when news of problems between the actresses emerged. The first signs of trouble arose when the hotties had an argument over their costumes. According to some people, it started when Bipasha made some nasty comments over Kareena's outfits. Kareena retorted by calling her a kaali billi. But others say it was Bebo who was at fault. Apparently, her designer Manish Malhotra had lent Bipasha a helping hand without her consent and it was enough to send her into a rage. That's when Bebo made the racist, uncalled for remark about Bips who was naturally furious.
Bipasha speaks up

Bipasha chose to be diplomatic about the controversy. In the November 2001 issue of a Bollywood magazine when she was asked about the tension with Kareena, she replied, "Well, I don't have a misunderstanding with anyone. A misunderstanding usually follows an argument but I don't recall any such thing happening. Yes, I did hear of something being floated, but it's childish and cannot be called a misunderstanding." However, Bipasha didn't deny the fact that Kareena gave her a tough time during the shoot. When asked if news of them not being on talking terms during the making of the film was true, Bips said, "If people don't talk to me, I cannot talk to walls! It doesn't affect me. If you don't talk how can there be tension? I had no clue of what was happening If you don't get along, it's better to keep quiet than try to forge a bond." In other interviews, Bipasha clearly stated that she didn't wish to work with someone like Kareena ever again.