The Kapil Sharma Story: Why the Ace Comedian is a Vulnerable, Lonely Man Today

The Kapil Sharma Story: Why the Ace Comedian is a Vulnerable, Lonely Man Today

The recent events have left Kapil in a vulnerable spot
The Kapil Sharma Story: Why the Ace Comedian is a Vulnerable, Lonely Man Today

Yes, Kapil’s drinking problem is back. He tried to  kick it off. God knows, he tried. But Kapil  is drinking again. And he’s  honest enough to admit it. “Yes , I am drinking again. Kya karun? Bardaasht nahin hota,” he  said  to me when we  spoke a few days back when Kapil  spoke at some length of  the betrayals  he has  suffered since he shot to fame.

It is a sordid saga  of backstabbing and treachery. But not a  unusual one in our entertainment industry where opportunists get a  free run. And  no harm in  that. Everyone is here for big bucks and  if in the process, some feelings and egos are trampled, then  it’s all  part  of the game. Deal with it. Except, Kapil who can’t.

We  won’t mention  the names  of Kapil’s colleagues  on Comedy Nights who turned his life into a nightmare. They  know themselves. And  they know the drama that they are carrying in the  press to make themselves look like injured martyrs while Kapil is painted as  the arrogant self-destructive entertainer who has  allowed his talent to be smothered by his insecurities.

This reputation is ill-earned. The  tales of his drinking and ill health, though not untrue, are highly exaggerated and planted  in the media by some of his detractors who wanted to become  bigger than Kapil Sharma.

Kapil’s  biggest problem, and the  few friends who  genuinely care for him will corroborate this, is a former colleague—lets’ call her Madame X—who found fame  by manoeuvring Kapil’s show  from behind the scenes. Madame X enjoyed  the heady aroma of power that the Kapil Sharma Show  gave  her. She decided to take over Kapil’s life as we all his career. The  two  become  lovers thereby almost destroying Kapil’s  relationship with his steady girlfriend.

A close friend of Kapil reveals, “The love of Kapil’s life is Ginny. She has known  him from before he  became  a star and loved  him unconditionally. She continued to be devoted  to him although he chose to begin a long and self-destructive relationship with this highly manipulative woman  whom  you call Madame X. She isolated him from  everybody in his Comedy Nights team and  wouldn’t him let him  meet fans or  producers. Young  children were told  not to disturb Kapil as he was not well. Soon the canard  of Kapil’s eccentricities and  failing health spread across the  entertainment industry. Madame X did her best to create a  rift between everyone in the  entertainment  industry and Kapil. Kapil almost lost Ginny  in this phase. But she held on. Madame X is  responsible for  Kapil’s rift with Sunil Grover. I will tell you one incident. When Shah Rukh Khan came on the Kapil Sharma Show to promote a film, Grover had  prepared a  long  monologue  in SRK’s honour. Grover was  not allowed to shoot  this  monologue. It was  only later that Kapil came to know  about this. He  had no idea about Grover’s  deleted  monologue for SRK. Madame X continued to create havoc with Kapil’s relations with all his colleagues and fans. When it became  too much, Kapil finally sacked Madame X and her close associate who worked with her to isolate Kapil from his team. But look at Kapil’s naiveté. When Madame X came back to him  jobless, he took her back and put her prominently on the  map for  the resurrected avatar of Comedy Night on Sony. Again she created havoc.  Now she  is  finally out  of  his life , this  time  hopefully for good.”

The  best thing that has happened  to Kapil Sharma during the past few months is  his show Family Time With Kapil Sharma.

“His girlfriend Ginny and  his  new show are the doors  to Kapil’s resurrection. He  must marry one and make the other a success at  any cost,” says Kapil’s buddy.

Says Kapil, “I realize God has  given me  a second chance. I  don’t want to mess it up. I just need to stop being so emotional about betrayals. Sabke saath hota hai. Main thoda zyada seriously leta hoon.”

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