The Ishaan Khatter Interview: 'I Am More Nervous This Time Than I Was During the First'

The Ishaan Khatter Interview: 'I Am More Nervous This Time Than I Was During the First'

His first film with Majid Majidi may not have worked but he has a chance with 'Dhadak' releasing this week
The Ishaan Khatter Interview: 'I Am More Nervous This Time Than I Was During the First'
Ishaan Khatter

The immensely talented Ishaan Khattar admits to being disappointed by the tepid response to his debut film Beyond the Clouds directed by none other than famous Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi. But he is now looking hopefully into the future.

Snatching time off from the intense promotion of  Dhadak, the  Hindi remake of the historic Marathi hit Sairat, Ishaan  says, “I am not very adept yet at analysing box-office  figures. But yes, the performance of my first film was disappointing. We could find any number of reasons  for  why the film didn’t work. The best advice that  I got after the film’s low key performance was to move on. To me that film will always remain special.”

Now Ishaan must brace himself  for comparisons with Sairat.  “I am aware that remakes are judged harshly. But we haven’t made Dhadak to be one-up on  Sairat. We went into  the remake  out of our collective love  and respect for  the original. Sairat  is  a film that created history. We can’t  even hope to  repeat what it has done.”

Ishaan admits Dhadak has moved far away from the original.  “Our director Shashank Khaitan has relocated  the  film to Rajasthan and that has made all the difference  in the world. Sairat had a very strong message on things that are happening around  us. And we have been respectful to that message.”

Ishaan admits to having seen Sairat twice. “Once as a member of the audience, then as an actor. I was fascinated by all the stories that surrounded the  making of  Sairat, about how the lead pair Akash Thosar and Rinku Rajguru actually stayed  in  the  director Nagraj Manjule’s house for months.” 

Ishaan  says he shared some such bonding with his Dhadak director  too. “Both Janhvi and  I  have grown very close  to  our director Shashank Khaitan. In fact when he  went for two recces to Rajasthan I accompanied him. We are all very protective about one another.”

The young actor who speaks with the confidence of  a seasoned trouper,  has one  request for the audience. “Please don’t judge  our film against the  original. We haven’t made Dhadak  to  prove we can do it better. I agree there has been criticism about the way we’ve done the Zingat song from Sairat.  But there has also been a  lot of  love from people who are  not waiting to judge  us  unfavourably  in comparison with Sairat.