The Irishman: Rishi Kapoor Didn't Like It and Twitter Didn't Have It
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The Irishman: Rishi Kapoor Didn't Like It and Twitter Didn't Have It

Rishi Kapoor took to Twitter to slam The Irishman. But fans of the Hollywood filmmaker Martin Scorsese begged to differ with Rishi and felt the movie was great and worth watching!

Martin Scorsese angered several fans when he took a dig at the Marvel Cinematic Universe recently. Describing superhero films as “despicable cinema” and comparing them to “theme parks” made him receive the flak of Marvel fans world over. Following the controversy, Martin’s then upcoming film The Irishman became one of the most anticipated films of the year. While the movie opened to mixed reviews, Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor did not enjoy watching it. As he took to Twitter to weigh in on his thoughts regarding The Irishman, social media users slammed him for the same, begging to differ with his opinion.

“Irishman. Painfully slow and boring. What a let down!” he wrote.

This post was followed with over a thousand replies on the micro-blogging site. “I heard you paint houses,” one mocked Rishi, throwing shade at the original novel the film is based on. Taking a low blow at the veteran, another added, “And do the carpentry too… Loved it #Irishman.”

Some went on to gush over Al Pacino. “Loved it! Al Pacino as always absolutely superb!” penned one, adding, “Not as engaging as The GoodFellas or The Wolf of Wall Street, still it's a good movie. De Niro, Pacino, Pesci – all lived up to our expectations and finally Martin Scorsese – Great job.”

Others asked him to think about Bollywood instead and keep out of films like The Irishman. “Tabhi to aapke liye Dabangg 3 release ho rahi hai (This is why Dabangg 3 is releasing for people like you).” Posting a laughing out loud emoji, another uploaded, “And you think 'Mughal e Azam' is India's greatest film.”

One even called Rishi an “underrated actor”. “I liked it. You see De Niro, Al Pacino and Pesci in their understated best is the best. You sir are an underrated actor. Very impressive but quietly.” Rishi was then attacked for leaking spoilers, considering the film released recently and many have not watched it yet.

“What if we post similar for your new release? Don't spoil for us who have not watched it!” read one post, while another noted, “Go for Irish cream instead.” One user taunted the long duration of Indian cinema films, stating, “3 hours long! Getting close to Bollywood films.”

While some users came out in support of Rishi’s opinion on The Irishman, majority of Twitterati slammed him.

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