The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing At Disha Patani. THIS is the Reason

A simple copy-paste job went horribly wrong for Disha Patani and social media is making fun of her
The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing At Disha Patani. THIS is the Reason
Disha Patani

It was a simple job that went horribly wrong. Disha Patani was shooting a commercial for an advertising agency. The Baaghi 2 actress was supposed to post a video on her Instagram timeline for the same. The agency said that they would send the caption too which Disha was supposed to copy-paste. (For those who are not aware of it, most of the captions on social media posted by stars are done, either by their social media team or in case of, paid partnerships, the brand provides them with the text).

So far so good. But then while copy-pasting, Disha just pasted the whole mail and not just the caption! The caption that she ultimately posted read: "Hey - the final video is here. Will mail you the high res video in something so please use that as the final video to be uploaded. Caption below’.

Her 17 million followers on Instagram could not digest this faux pas. The goof-up resulted in Patani being called an 'advertising agency nightmare' on social media.

This created a chain of hilarious reactions on social media.

Here's what she posted (attached). Disha quietly deleted the video but the screen-grabs started floating around.

A user actually pointed out this major faux pas on Twitter.

Next time, better be careful of what and how you post Disha!

PS: Has she retained her contract with the brand?