The Improv Comes to Dubai

The Improv Comes to Dubai

Dubai stand-up comic Nitin Mirani teams up with Bangalore-based group to bring a unique comedy show

This Friday, April 11, 2014, get ready to laugh your hearts out. For, coming to Dubai is a very unique comedy show where not just the comedians but even the audience may be roped in to crack a joke or two! The show, titled The Improv, is basically unrehearsed and uncut stand-up acts where audience interaction is the key. So far The Improv has completed over 50 shows in India and the team, including the creative head Saad Khan, actors Danish Sait, Sumukhi Suresh, Kenneth Sebastian and Siddhanth Sunder are now prepping up to make Dubai laugh to their antics. Giving them company is our very own Nitin Mirani, who will be hosting as well as participating in the show.

 Nitin, of  course, has been at the forefront of the comedy scene in Dubai, having shared the stage with American comedian Eddie Griffin and performing at prestigious venues like Caroline’s on Broadway, New York, Yuk Yuks, Toronto or the Comedy Store, London. He tells us what makes The Improv such a unique comedy experience and his own big Bollywood plans in this exclusive chat.

 How is The Improv different from regular comedy shows?

As the name suggests, The Improv is completely unrehearsed, uncut and unpredictable with stand-up acts, novel rounds, ‘mad-ical’ actors, and universal comedic moments created on the spot. Most comedy shows involve a fair amount of improvisation but the difference is that The Improv considers audience interaction to be its backbone. So when we say, ‘Come be part of ‘India's Most Laughed Comedy Experience’, the audience becomes a part of it – literally!

 What are the challenges of hosting a show like this?

Apart from hosting the show, I would also be part of The Improv situations. I am a huge fan of improvisational comedy as it creates a personal connect with people. The moments in each show can be created only once since every audience is new. The only challenge would be having a not-so-interactive audience!

 Can you tell us more about your equation with members of The Improv?

This would be my first time working with team – Saad, Siddhanth, Danish Sumukhi and Kenneth.  So it’s like a ‘long-distance relationship’ which we really want to work out! I am impressed with how quickly they have made a mark on comedy circuits and have received rave reviews for each one of their shows. It is quite an experience to see so many different styles coming together and ending up as the same family on stage. All I can say is Dubai is definitely in for a treat!

How would you rate the current comedy scene in Dubai as compared to India?

I feel Dubai is fast becoming the favourite venue for many high profile international comics. In 2013 we saw some fab acts by people like Eddie Griffin, Russell Peters and Chris Tucker and Indian comedians like Raju Srivastav and Kapil Sharma. I also support and cheer our local groups such as Dubai Laughing and Comedy Dubai who organise open mikes to encourage city based talents. You can’t compare the scene to India as India is going through a ‘comedy boom’. But it does inspire me to work harder to create a comedy community and export talent from this region.

 What are the other projects you are working on this year?

2014 will be my ‘branching out’ year. I will be returning to television with my own comedy show, then I am off to perform at the Singapore Comedy Fringe on April 24 before heading to my India, US, Middle East and Asia tour and bringing it back to Dubai. After being recently spotted and approached by a few directors in Mumbai a Bollywood movie is also on the horizon! Fingers crossed!

 INFO: The Improv will be staged on April 11, 2014 at Studio F - Emirates Towers from 9pm onwards.   


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