The Gulf May Be Uninhabitable For Humans By 2070!

The Gulf May Be Uninhabitable For Humans By 2070!

The weather may be far too hot for people to live in the region!

The region around the Arabian Gulf along with parts of Iran could soon become unfit for human survival, reported a recent article in  The article said that the area could suffer heatwaves beyond the limit of human survival if climate change is unchecked, according to a new scientific study.
This heatwave will affect cities like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha and coastal cities in Iran and will pose a deadly threat to millions of pilgrims in Saudi Arabia when the Haj will fall in summer. Expected to begin after 2070, this extreme hot weather could be a daily occurence, making it impossible for humans to endure. 
“Our results expose a specific regional hotspot where climate change, in the absence of significant [carbon cuts], is likely to severely impact human habitability in the future,” said Prof Jeremy Pal and Prof Elfatih Eltahir, both at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, writing in the journal Nature Climate Change. But the research also showed that cutting greenhouse gas emissions now could avoid this fate.
The study shows 45C would become the usual summer maximum in Gulf cities, with 60C being seen in places like Kuwait City in some years.
Steven Sherwood, another researcher whose work in 2010 suggested that parts of the world could become uninhabitable within 200 years if fossil-fuel continued to burn relentlessly, said the new study held vital information. However, he added that “we really need to learn how to improve these models” to build confidence in the results.


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