The Dos and Don'ts of Plus Size Dressing

The Dos and Don'ts of Plus Size Dressing

If You're a Plus Size girl, it’s important to be aware of what works for your body and what doesn’t. With unique collections on offer, here are some tips on how to style your look perfectly!
The Dos and Don'ts of Plus Size Dressing

How many times has it happened that you’ve walked into a shop, found something you absolutely loved, but have had to walk away because nothing fit? Well, that’s definitely changing now! With more and more women embracing their natural curves and finding confidence in their shapes, plus size fashion has become quite the rage! Many retailers are introducing ranges from size 14 upwards, crushing myths, proving that curvy can also be sexy! From high-waisted trousers to quirky jumpsuits, plus size women rock the fashion arena with maximum amount of oomph! With models like Ashley Graham and Kritika Gill leading the way, plus size idols around the world are inspiring more and more fashionistas to accept their curves in all its glory.

Dubai-based plus size fashion blogger, LuAnne D’souza, is a viral sensation and has played a chunky role, redefining style for curvy women. Her one-of-a-kind quirky perspective on fashion and her take on the importance of loving your body and flaunting it, has been inspiring fashionistas since 2011 (I personally have been an avid follower of her blog for around five  years now)!

Luanne D'souza

She talks to us about how brands are embracing the idea of offering stylish plus size ranges and how easy it is to style any look you love! You have questions on the challenges you face while shopping? LuAnne has solutions for those too!

Plus size fashion is anything but boring!

A common misconception is that plus size fashion isn’t trendy or that curvy women only look out for clothes that hide their real shape, to make them look thinner. Some brands still make the mistake of thinking plus size fashion is only empire waist maxi dresses and loose tops. But the industry has evolved and realised that plus size women are super stylish and trend conscious too.

Ultimate Fashion Shout-out …

If you like it, wear it!

Secrets to perfectly styling every look!

  • Make sure your shoes are comfortable, nobody looks good when they can’t walk properly.
  • Invest in a good pair of comfortable jeans that you dress up or down.
  • Try to play up the features you like so that you are more comfortable and confident (for example- if you like your neck and shoulder, flaunt them in bardot tops or wear statement necklaces).

Spring/ Summer Wardrobe must-haves

Fringed jeans, anything gingham or with pom- poms and a bardot summer dress.

Main elements to watch out for while shopping for outfits

The fit is most important! Refrain from buying anything that doesn’t fit well, saying that you’ll eventually lose weight and fit into it! Truth be told, it’s just going to sit in your closet! Remember, it’s the clothes’ job to fit you, not the other way around!

Challenges while shopping for plus size clothing

Sizing can be inconsistent with some brands. Plus size bodies aren’t a standard shape so sometimes a dress in a size 18 will fit perfectly, and at other times, you won’t be able to lift your arm in it! Pay close attention to fabrics and measurements while shopping, and be sure to try on everything before buying.

Where to splurge and where to skimp

Splurge on classic and timeless pieces and skimp on the trendy stuff!

Plus size clothing brands who are the best at what they do

I would recommend Asos Curve, River Island Plus, New Look Curves and Forever 21 Plus.

An accessory you MUST own

A classic handbag that compliments every outfit! Doesn’t need to be a designer one. Something in a standard size and style will work perfectly!