The Deols go digital
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The Deols go digital

Sunny, Bobby and dad launch their website

The Deols - Dharmendra, Sunny and Bobby - today (May 31) launched their website because they want to connect with their fans directly.

They will soon launch their YouTube Channel ( and Facebook page ( and plan to upload video blogs to reach out to their fans across the globe.

"We are going to connect with our viewers on a regular basis and update them about what we are doing. You can be online even if you are shooting. The best part about technology is that one could be on the moon and yet stay connected," Sunny said.

"We decided on this together. It's about moving with the times and making the best use of technology. What better way to stay connected with millions of people who love you," he added.

Although Dharmendra is not very tech-savvy, he is still excited about this step taken by the family.

"The website gives us a chance to connect with fans worldwide without a mediator. Though I am not very tech savvy, I am quite kicked about the development of the site and happy with what Sunny has shown me so far," said the 75-year-old actor.

"All these years, we have preferred to remain low-profile. For us old-timers, the beauty was in being covered up but it is all in-your face today. We kept our personal lives private but now showbiz is all about show... stars have disrobed themselves through these mediums. I too, have decided to do likewise," he added.


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