The Coronavirus Update: Malls and Restaurants Shut in the UAE, Episode 03

The Coronavirus Update: Malls and Restaurants Shut in the UAE, Episode 03

In The Coronavirus Update, we bring to you the latest in news, numbers, fake news and developments about coronavirus in the UAE and other countries

UAE government has issued its strongest possible plea on the need to stay indoors. The ministry of Interior and the National Emergency and Crisis and Disaster Management Authority has advised everyone to stay at home unless it is absolutely essential. You can step out only for groceries, medicines or emergencies. Otherwise, STAY AT HOME.  These measures have been implemented only to ensure that everyone is limiting social contacts and avoiding crowded places for their own safety and wellbeing.

Dubai Municipality has announced the closure of all restaurants, cafes, cafeterias, coffee shops and establishments offering food services in shopping centres and malls – meaning, the food courts – in Dubai for two weeks from today, March 23. The only food establishments that will remain open are restaurants operating from hotels and hotel apartments serving their guests. No restaurants open. But the good news, or the silver lining is that drive through, food delivery and food transportation services are continuing, but with restrictions and certain conditions to be followed. So you can order in, not go out.

Yesterday, Emirates Airlines announced the closure of passenger flights and slew of other measures to counter the impact of the virus. This includes salary cuts for staff, freeze on non-essential recruitments among other things. However, SkyCargo is operational and Emirates also said that some sectors are open – to the UK, Switzerland Malaysia, Phillipnes, Thailand, Japan, Singapore Australia, South Africa, South Korea, USA and Canada. They have also assured that in the rest of the sectors, the services would resume as soon as it is feasible to fly.

So far, several big events in the world including Met Gala and Cannes Film Festival have been cancelled because of the Coronavirus. However, one of the biggest events or spectacle, as we can say – The Olympics – had not issued any statement. This year, the Olympics were scheduled to be held in Japan and now President Abe says there is a possibility that it might be postponed. Incidentally, Canada and Australia have announced they won’t send athletes to the Olympics. And if more countries follow suit, it is very doubtful if it will be held at all. But IOC – International Olympic Committee - has stated that a cancellation is not on the agenda at the moment. So they are definitely keeping their chin up!

One of the most powerful and influential world leaders Angela Merkel, German Chancellor will go into quarantine after a doctor she was in touch with, tested positive. Another famous, or rather, infamous personality who has detected positive is Harvey Weinstein, the #metoo producer who was held guilty recently.

On the numbers front, things still don’t look good in Europe. Italy, the epicenter now of the crisis, the number of deaths has surpassed china to rise to 5500. In just one day, 651 deaths were reported since yesterday. Similarly, in Spain, the death toll has gone up by 12 per cent in a matter of two days, it has been reported. Singapore has shut its borders for short term visitors while Hong Kong has announced a ban on all non-residents from entering the country. In India, more and more districts have been put under lockdown and so have bus and train services been stopped. However, domestic flights are still operational. Pakistan on Saturday, March 21, announced that it is suspending all international flight operations for two weeks

And on the economic front, the European markets opened very very low. And India, trading had to be halted as the sensex tumbled yet again. The rupee is also at its lowest to the dollar. I am sure, most of you are concerned about the financial impact of the Coronavirus and the only thing we can say is – be wise with your money now. For more tips on how you can do that, go to where we have published an article on how to secure yourself financially during such a crisis. What are the things you need to worry  about, what are the essential tips you need to keep your money safe… read our expert tips on

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