The Coronavirus Update Episode 13: Dubai in Lockdown Mode
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The Coronavirus Update Episode 13: Dubai in Lockdown Mode

The Coronavirus Update tells you about the latest updates in UAE and around the globe.

Currently there are 1,214,487 cases of across the world with 65,605 deaths. 253,626 of these cases have recovered. There are 311,637 cases in total in USA, 130,759 in Spain, 124,632 in Italy, 3,588 in India, 2,880 in Pakistan and 1,505 in UAE. UAE has been testing a whole lot more which is good to curb the spread of the virus. The number of tests UAE is doing per 1/M population is quite large.

In US news, US President Donald Trump has warned Americans to prepare for the "toughest week" of the coronavirus pandemic yet, predicting a surge in deaths, reported the BBC. In his daily briefing, President Trump has talked about a grim outlook. Mr Trump said "there will be death”. However he has talked about easing social distancing guidelines for easter saying that ‘we have to open our country again’.

In India, yesterday there was a spike of 525 cases. This is the largest single day spike. In Bangladesh, Basundhara Group, a large conglomerate, will be converting its four convention centres at the International Convention City in Dhaka into a 5,000-bed hospital.

345 visitors from UK have left UAE on special flight. The British Ambassador Patrick Moody thanked Emirati authorities and Emirates Airline for their cooperation and asked everyone to stay home and stay safe. Repatriation flights were allowed recently in the UAE.

Dubai has announced a lockdown. This means you cannot go out. You can only go out for essentials or supplies. Also the exemption is there for only some sectors. Which means if your sector isn't exempted, please stay home. Or you could face legal consequences of your actions. Similarly please wear a mask. The Ministry of Health and Prevention has asked everyone to wear masks. Spain's coronavirus death toll shows signs of flattening, reported CNN. The ministry's most recent data has shown, according to CNN, there are now 78,733 active cases of Covid-19 in Spain, an increase of 2,511 from Thursday — but also the smallest daily rise since March 20.

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