The Coronavirus Update, Episode 01
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The Coronavirus Update, Episode 01

The coronavirus update is brought to you daily by Masala UAE

Coronavirus or Covid-19 as everyone calls it, is a novel coronavirus that is currently called a pandemic by the World Health Organization. A pandemic is any disease that is prevalent all over the world. Symptoms of Novel Covid include fever, dry or persistent cough and body aches. If you have any of the symptoms, specifically high fever, please consult a medical expert asap. Also please report if you have been to any countries that are hotbed of the viruses such as China, Italy, Iran and Spain.

Current Numbers:

As of now there are 284534 cases around the world. There have been 11389 deaths so far. In the United Arab Emirates there have been 140 cases where 31 have recovered. The Ministry of Health and Prevention, UAE has confirmed that two individuals have passed away. According to the MoHap, one of the two cases is 78-year old Arab national who came from Europe and tested positive for COVID-19 and died due to heart attack while the other is a 59-year-old Asian expat who was suffering from chronic diseases including heart disease and kidney failure.

What the UAE is doing:

Gyms, cinemas, parks, schools are closed. UAE government has plenty of rules and fines in place for people violating quarantine or flouting the rules. So UAE residents need to take social distancing more seriously. There are images from beaches and parks floating around where people are probably thinking this is a holiday? But it’s not. We need to be more careful and more aware of how our behavior is impacting our community.

Economic Impact:

When the virus came to China, the economic impact was seen in every sector of the community, according to CNN. Right now the hardest hit country in the world is Italy with over  47,000 cases. Spain has at least 24,000, and the United States has reported more than 19,000 cases just in the past day. The Burj Khalifa lit up in the past few weeks in solidarity for China, Italy and Spain. The government is also providing WHO standard health care and necessary medical attention to all those who are effected in the country.

What Next?

How can this be stopped? Our best hope right now is a vaccine. According to the Guardian, a massive effort is under way to develop the vaccine within months to make it available to save lives before the end of the year. Anthony Fauci, the director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and a member of Donald Trump’s taskforce, said a vaccine was 12 to 18 months away. Experts are also predicting that the practice of social isolation can also be extended to a year.

Leaders of the World:

World leaders are sending out messages of peace, solidarity and faith - from Justin Trudeau to Sadiq Khan. Dubai’s Crown Prince, Sheikh Hamdan said navigating the challenges brought up by the current global climate required a collaborative spirit and an understanding of the need to make temporary changes to lifestyle. This was reported by The National.

Coronavirus in the Entertainment Industry:

In the entertainment industry, Bollywood has set up a relief fund for daily wage workers. PM Narendra Modi has called for a Janta Curfew and social media has a lot to say about it. There is plenty of celebrity support for PM Modi’s initiative whereas many are questioning whether this initiative will achieve anything signficant. Production has been halted in Pakistan and different stars are encouraging everyone to stay at home. Different streaming platforms across the world are releasing films early such as Frozen 2, Bloodshot, Birds of Prey, Starwars: The Rise of Skywalker, The Invisible Man and Disney’s Onward will soon be available on Video on Demand and streaming platforms.

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