The Big Bad Wolf is Back! Dubai to Host the World’s Biggest Book Sale Again

The Big Bad Wolf is Back! Dubai to Host the World’s Biggest Book Sale Again

The Big Bad Wolf book sale, offering huge discounts on 3 million books, will return in October and will be organised in Dubai Studio City
The Big Bad Wolf is Back! Dubai to Host the World’s Biggest Book Sale Again

The Big Bad Wolf is back! The world’s largest book sale, held in Dubai last year, is returning soon to the emirate. It will be organised from Thursday, 10th October to Sunday, 20th October, at the Sound Stage Venue in Dubai Studio City. Targeting people from all walks of life, the fair will be open for 24 hours everyday. Up to three million new books  -- of different genres, such as literary fiction, sci-fi, horror, self-help, art, business, children’s books, cookbooks, biographies and so on -- will be offered at bargain prices, with a discount of 50-80 percent, which means that some titles will be available for prices as low as AED 14.

The fair, which takes place in more than 25 cities, is currently underway in Medan, Indonesia and Perak, Malaysia. The spacious venue in Dubai will have multiple cash counters and trolleys for the convenience of book lovers who want to fill up their bookshelves. 

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A VIP pass will be given to selected bookworms -- who participate in a competition on the fair’s Instagram and Facebook pages -- which will provide early access to the fair on Wednesday, 9th October, between 9 am to 11 pm. Many social media users from Dubai can be seen requesting the VIP pass on the official pages of Big Bad Wolf Books.

Here are some social media updates shared by Dubai-based bookworms, who visited and shopped at the fair last year:

Alexynne Villena (@alexynne) shared a photo with her friends at the fair and wrote, “We had the best 3 hours! Thanks, Wolf!”

Another Twitter user, Munaya (@Munaya_AlSalhee) wrote, “Been to the #BigbadwolfbooksUAE and honestly I was impressed. Didn’t expect to find lots of books there and with the prices that I got if I went to a regular book shop I would have paints triple the amount for 36Books #Cloud9 now let’s find the time to read them.”

The fair was a favourite with parents of young children. Jane (@janesarab), a Dubai mom, tweeted, “Driving our way back home after 2 hrs of shopping - 3 bags full of children’s books in tow. Oh how our lives have changed! From design and construction books to bedtime stories and nursery rhymes.”

An Instagram user, Mina shared a picture of herself holding several bags full of books. She wrote, “Today’s haul at the Big Bad Wolf Book sale. All of these for just under 300AED.”

The fair has a selection of books by famous authors such as Paulo Coelho and Stephen King. Noel (@noeifrigillana) was happy with his finds, “I’m a happy camper! Found these gems of @paulocoelho’s in #bigbadwolfbooks Dubai. Now I need a lot of re reading!”

About The Big Bad Wolf Books

The Big Bad Wolf Books was founded by a couple, Andrew Yap and Jacqueline Ng, in 2009, who initially opened a small bookstore in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in order to counter the low literacy rate there. However, they wanted to make a wider impact. Opening multiple bookstores around the world was too expensive so the couple initiated this sale, which has been described as “a global reading advocacy effort” on their official website. The books are offered at a much lower price during the sale because many of these are overprinted or unsold copies, while some publishers sell directly to Big Bad Wolf Books. The popular book fair takes place in various Asian cities, including Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Manila, Cebu, Colombo, Bangkok and Taipei. Last year’s sale in Dubai was the first time this event was held in the Middle East and The Big Bad Wolf also made its debut in Pakistan this year in April. 

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