9 Best Romantic Movies to Watch Now on Netflix
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9 Best Romantic Movies to Watch Now on Netflix

Netflix has a wide selection of movies for all to enjoy across a variety of genres. Here are the best romance movies available on the platform for you to check out!

Ahhh… romance. Who does not love a good old love story? Whether it is a dramatic classic or a modern romance, love stories are universal and it is evident that everyone understands the language of love. Here is a list of the best romantic movies that are available on Netflix. So snuggle in, grab that popcorn and get reading!

1. Bachelorette

Director: Leslye Headland

Bachelorette centers around envious maids of honor whose friendships with the bride are tested in the lead-up to the big day. The movie features raunchy and bold humor directed at female audiences. Rebel Wilson, stars as the bride, Becky, whose announcement of her fast approaching marriage sends frenemy Regan into a frazzle. Regan “did everything right”—went to college, exercised, ate right, works with cancer kids, dates a med student—so she expected to be the first of her high-school “B-faces” to get married. Nonetheless, she puts her personal displeasure away and turns her consideration to her maid-of-honor duties.

2. The Theory of Everything

Director: James Marsh

In The Theory of Everything, Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones play out a tear jerking romance story. Redmayne and Jones are portraying Stephen Hawking and Jane Wilde. Stephen Hawking was one of the world’s greatest scientific minds. The Theory of Everything is the story of the life they lived together, from their first encounters in 1960s at Cambridge University, to their years spent enduring Hawking’s battle with Lou Gehrig’s disease, to their inevitable amicable separation. The film beautifully honors Hawking’s contributions. The Theory of Everything is secured by Redmayne’s and Jones’s outstanding performance as they recreate the many trials and tribulations the Hawking’s suffered during their marriage.

3. Laggies

Director: Lynn Shelton

Laggies leans into the coming-of-age and romantic dramedy. The film is based on the character of Meg (Keira Knightley). Early on in the film Meg is approached by 16-year-old Annika (Chloe Grace Moretz), who’s hoping to have Meg buy some beer for her and her friends. Meg agrees, and then bonds with Annika and her friends over the activity of skateboarding.

4. Tramps

Director: Adam Leon

The Netflix-backed Tramps is all about the war between kindness and unkindness. Tramps is a love story-cum-fairytale set in a New York City summer about people living in the restrictions of society. Tramps is loaded with minor pleasures. However, matched together, those small pleasures give rise to one great movie.

5. Irreplaceable You

Director: Stephanie Laing

On the fact of it, Irreplaceable You is exceedingly mushy and lovey-dovey as hell. The story revolves around Sam and Abbie, childhood sweethearts who are newly engaged and also facing her terminal cancer diagnosis. She loves Sam so much she cannot bare the idea of him being alone and so she begins a series of interviews to find his replacement after she is gone.

6. The One I Love

Director: Charlie McDowell

The One I Love is a comedy-drama in which a couple learns an additional amount of information about each other than maybe they should. The movie may make married people relate to the story. The movie essentially highlights how none of us really knows our spouse—or ourselves, for that matter.

7. Set It Up

Director: Claire Scanlon

Set It Up, is an amusing, energetic, mushy-and-loving it rom-com about struggling office assistant Harper teaming up with just as-beleaguered office assistant Charlie to get their horrible bosses into bed together.

8. Jab We Met

Director: Imtiaz Ali

In this romantic, fun loving film, the two main protagonists save each other at various points in their lives. Aditya is depressed and suicidal after his girlfriend ditches him to marry another man. He coincidentally meets Geet, a spark and bubble of energy, on a train in Bombay. After traveling their journey together, Aditya falls in love with Geet, but she is set on her boyfriend back home. A few years later, they cross paths again, but Geet has lost all of her light; this time its Aditya’s turn to save her.

9. The Spectacular Now

Director: James Ponsoldt

Miles Teller stars as Sutter, a high-school senior who loves good times, partying and social interaction. Contrastingly he has little care for classwork or for future planning. After his popular girlfriend dumps him, Sutter vows payback by the only way he knows: drinking a lot and partying like crazy.

It's an excellent time to be a romance genre enthusiast. While the genre had vanished from the big screen for quite some time, fortunately there are now a ton of new romances and rom-coms coming being released, on Netflix. When you're in the mood to stir up some desire and root for a big kiss at the end it will pay off to pay heed to the list and watch them with your bae!

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