A back, neck, shoulder and head massage after a long night.

WHAT: A party season revival therapy consisting of a back, neck and shoulder massage topped off with a head massage.

WHERE: SensAsia Urban Spa, Palm Jumeirah, Al Nufura Beach Club 1, Shoreline Apartments

HOW LONG: 45 minutes.

HOW MUCH: Dhs295.

THE PROCESS: If partying all night has made you a bit tired, this is the treatment you need so that you can get back on your feet again for all those xmas bashes coming up.
The treatment starts with the therapist offering you a choice between three of SensAsia's wonderfully smelling oils. You choose the one best suited for your skin. On offer are Urban Balance (containing lavender, rosewood and sandalwood), Asin Harmony (containing lavender, ylang and phlai) or Energising (containing grape fruit, orange and saffloeer). The second step of the treatment is simply to lie back and relax. The therapist will relieve any tension or 'knots' that have built up in the shoulder and back with an intense massage for around 30 minutes and then she will then finish off with a 15minute soothing head and neck massage.

THE RESULT: You feel relaxed and rejuvenated with a loss of tension in your back, neck and shoulders.

MAINTENANCE: Also available in January this treatment is a bargain and will beat those post-Christmas blues. Opt for this massage whenever you want to completely de-stress!

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