The Adnan Sami-Armaan Malik Fight On A Reality Show: What’s the Truth?
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The Adnan Sami-Armaan Malik Fight On A Reality Show: What’s the Truth?

Adnan Sami and Armaan Malik were said to have had an ugly fight on the sets of the reality music show The Voice

If entertainment journalism in today’s times has fallen to the armpit level, we thought we have only have the over-zealous portals desperate to grab eyeballs, to blame. But now even the production houses and entertainment channels are encouraging their marketing team to put out a fabricated story.

A day ago the internet was ablaze with a story on Adnan Sami and Armaan Malik indulging in a spat on the sets of the talent-hunt show The Voice where they both serve as a judge. The truth is, there was no such incident at all on the sets of the show.

One of the key dramatic personae of the whole fictional fracas that I spoke to called the whole incident a figment of the PR team’s imagination. “One morning they decided to boost the TRPs of the show (The Voice). So what do they do? They decide to plant a manufactured war between the two most popular judges of  the show. Shockingly, Adnan Sami and Armaan Malik were not taken into confidence, probably because those who created this work of sickening fiction knew their idea would be nipped  in the  bud if  either of the two came to know of the planned publicity gimmick,” says the first-hand source.

And that’s exactly what happened when Adnan and Armaan came to know of  their war on the sets. Says the source, “Adnan and Armaan were shooting for  the show when the story broke out. They were  aghast. And livid. There has  never been  any hostility between them. Armaan respects Adnan too much to even talk loudly in his presence. They were zapped. It didn’t take them  long to  know where the  made-up story came from. They were even told to  ‘lie low and not comment’. But both Adnan and Armaan are too upset to take this lying down.”

It comes as a huge shock to know that the Star Plus organization was well aware of  the fabricated story, that they were in fact apparently compliant in the deceit. “A senior executive of Star actually tweeted the melodramatic story, thereby giving it the channel’s sanction. The whole publicity gimmick was done on such a brazen level that even Adnan and Armaan were asked to  tweet the story. They of course refused, and in fact they’ve threatened to walk out of the show if the channel doesn’t issue a clarification  stating that the rumoured war between the two musicians never happened,” says the source.

The  next move, hopefully a more ethical one, is awaited.

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