The 10 Most Interesting Facts About Ramadan
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The 10 Most Interesting Facts About Ramadan

Writer Mir Imran Hussain lists what makes the Holy Month so special

Ramadan is all about reflection, piety and charity but there are some interesting facts that make the Holy Month all the more special.

1)    The word ‘Ramadan’ is derived from the root ‘Ramida’ meaning ‘scorched’.

2)    A total of more than 100 million dollars was given as charity in Ramadan alone in 2016, this is estimated to increase in 2017.

3)    More than 50 tonnes of clothes are distributed worldwide to the needy as charity during Ramadan.

4)    More than 50,000 meal boxes are served to the needy every day by different organizations in UAE alone

5)    There are more than 1500 varieties of dates available for people during ‘Ramadan’ the most expensive being ‘Ajwa dates’ produced mainly in Saudi Arabia.

6)    About 26 million people visited the grand mosque in Saudi Arabia to perform Umra, these numbers stand second behind the annual hajj pilgrimage

7)    Denmark observes longest fating hours in the world spanning up to 21 hours each day.

8)    Muslims in Argentina and Australia have shortest fasting hours lasting only between 9 ½ to 10 hours.

9)    The person who wakes up people for ‘Suhur’ and dawn prayer is called ‘Mesaharati’, meaning the public waker.

10)  In UAE alone each year more than 200 Ramadan tents are set up every year to distribute meals to the needy.

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