Thankfully Sara Ali Khan Has 'Kedarnath' Before 'Simmba'
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Thankfully Sara Ali Khan Has 'Kedarnath' Before 'Simmba'

Sara Ali Khan is already receiving praise before the release of her films

At some point during the year when Abhishek Kapoor’s Kedarnath was going through a period of churning, there was some talk of  Simmba, the  Rohit Shetty action film where Sara plays the female lead is Sara’s debut film.

Thankfully the makers of Kedarnath flashed a contract before the overzealous Simmba team to remind them that  Sara was contractually committed to making her debut with Kedarnath.

Sara is now in the safe zone. Kedarnath has her as one of the two central characters in a love story that unfolds during the time of a terrible catastrophe. In Simmba she is very clearly just the decorative leading lady. If  Simmba had come first it would have done nothing for Sara even if it turns out a blockbuster. Simmba would be seen as  Ranveer-Rohit Shetty hit.

A source close to Sara reveals, “After Kedarnath got into a production hassle, Sara’s mother was more than happy to let Sara make her debut opposite Ranveer Singh, and that too in a film produced by the mighty Karan Johar,  although the heroine ’s role in Simmba was practically nothing. In fact, it was even less substantial before Sara came into the picture. They wrote in a few extra scenes for the heroine when Sara came on board. It is still a minor part.”

Apparently, it was Sara’s father Saif who put his foot down.

“He insisted on Kedarnath being Sara’s debut film. He could see the potential in the script and what an amazing role Sara had in the film,” says the source.

Saif was right. Everyone is raving about Sara.