Royal Thai Massage

Royal Thai Massage

Relax your mind and body at the Reborn Spa, Salon and Slimming Wellness Centre at Ramee Rose Hotel

Royal Thai Massage

Where: Reborn Spa, Salon and Slimming Wellness Centre, Ramee Rose Hotel, Tecom, +971 4 450 0111
How Long: 60 minutes
How Much: Dhs300

The Treatment: Thai massage is known for being vigorous and I was quite wary of the amount of exercise it would involve. It is an ancient technique that incorporates various yoga-type stretches to restore balance to the body. But to my surprise it turned out to be quite relaxing. It did indeed involve stretching and deep breathing exercises but it was all done without exerting too much energy. This massage is great for those sore back muscles.

My therapist used her hands, feet, elbows and knees to ease the tension away. The massage also consisted of a series of flowing movements along all of the body’s pressure points. Some spots were a little rough but my therapist asked me if the pressure was fine before she continued. The extra pressure helped in easing the knots out leaving my back feeling stress-free. The gentle stretching of the joints was stimulating and helped in relieving tension and induced a deep state of tranquillity.

The Results: After the massage I could feel increased flexibility in my body, improvement in my physical performance along with a deep sense of relaxation. The next day I felt the tightness and stiffness in my lower back completely disappear and felt my posture improve. It was a great way to release both mental and physical stress. I will definitely be going back for more!