Tanushree Dutta on Bollywood Accepting #Metoo Accused: ‘They Are C-Grade Human Beings’
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Tanushree Dutta on Bollywood Accepting #Metoo Accused: ‘They Are C-Grade Human Beings’

Tanushree Dutta minces no words while condemning Bollywood for welcoming #metoo accused back in the fold

Actress Tanushree Dutta to whom goes the  credit for bringing the  #MeToo movement to Bollywood,  is not happy with the way  the  accused are brazening  it out  in industry. Director Vikas Bahl  partying with Farah Khan this  Sunday, incensed Tanusheee enough to respond expansively. Speaking from the US, she says, “It is sadly true that  some of the #metoo accused from Bollywood in particular,  not elsewhere as #metoo was a much wider phenomenon than Bollywood,  are seemingly going on with their lives and work. This is because our Big Bollywood stars, starlets, producers, directors, others and Bollywood denizens in general are so consumed with their greed, ambition, desperation and hubris that they fail to empathize with those millions that put their life, reputation and peace on the line by calling out the accused and paving the way for a much safer work environment in future.”

Tanusheee  feels this  swift social re-acceptance   of  the accused sends out  totally wrong  signals. “#Metoo accused getting rehabilitated in Bollywood so soon sets a bad example elsewhere too where women struggle with their harassers on a daily basis. The most ungrateful and ignorant bunch is this Bollywood lot that on the outside look all fluffy, slick, international-brand clad and glamorous but have souls as rotten and stinky as your neighbourhood garbage dumps. They only do lip service for ink space and public image but don’t mean a word of their high-flying blabber.”

Tanushree is  glad to be out of the Indian  film industry. “To think that I was once a part of this crappy, self-delusional, hypocritical, spineless, selfish group makes me feel damn stupid myself. A- listers supposedly for the world but completely C-grade human beings that will smile, dance like puppets and suck up to anyone for their career, fame and money even if that person has been a known offender and has hurt someone really bad. And expert at making excuses to themselves and others justifying all their actions!! One delusional bunch that young people are looking upto and emulating.”

She also attributes  the  growing disillusionment  of  young India to these  subverted  role models. “No wonder that a large part of the young population in our country is dealing with depression and various other mental illnesses and committing suicide out of hopelessness. This is what happens when you worship man-made idols who have feet of clay, you follow them thinking they are role models but they are actually empty and hollow from the inside and are just using your adulation to gain more power while you remain lacking, needy, impoverished and dis empowered as quite simply you gave your power over to someone who is not even responsible about it or helping you in any way.”

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 Tanushree warns  Bollywood A-listers  to set the  right example. “With great power comes great responsibility. Even 5-year old kids know it now thanks to Spiderman’s Granny but these old farts of Bollywood still don’t get it! Perhaps it's an alien concept that their primitive minds having difficulty grasping or perhaps some of us don't know any other way to exist but by taking some responsibility and taking everyone else along on a good journey of hope, healing and conscious living even if it means making some minor  sacrifices here and there.”

 Tanushree feels infinitely superior  to  the  world of  razzle-dazzle she has left  behind. She  admits she refused  a  big film  recently  as  she  no longer  wants to be part of Bollywood. “Seriously yaar,  this bunch makes me feel like a saint. They are that ignorant and stupid. I turned down a big project last year because the directors name had come up in #metoo and it didn’t feel right to even be a small part of something that may hurt someone in any way. How is it that I have that sense and these guys don’t?? Like seriously which planet or trans-spatial dimension am I from to be so different despite being born and brought up right here with everyone else?? I don’t feel rage anymore just a sense of awe and wonder at this density, ignorance and disconnect. It’s fascinating actually sometimes to observe this silliness perhaps because I've also at one time been a part of it somehow or maybe not. Maybe I just lived in my own bubble and hence stayed uncontaminated by this world at large. May be I never grew up and these people all grew up and became practical. Who knows!”

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