Tanushree Dutta Calls Nana Patekar ‘BluffMaster Gogo’
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Tanushree Dutta Calls Nana Patekar ‘BluffMaster Gogo’

Tanushree Dutta has all the intention to take Nana Patekar to the cleaners!

Tanushree Dutta has a new name for Nana Patekar – Bluffmaster Gogo. In a statement released to the media, the actress, whose allegations against the veteran actor has shaken up the industry, said, “Given the recent developments, I am putting together a team of lawyers and advocates to defend my interests. Also contrary to claims made by Nana’s lawyer I have not received any legal notice. So bluffmaster gogo needs to step up his game a bit here.”

Tanushree also finally answered the question of why she has come back after a decade to attack Nana. She says that she wants to make it even with him who has ruined her career. Recently, during an interview with a web portal, Tanushree said that Nana had ruined her Bollywood career and she would not stay quiet about this. In the last few days, Tanushree has been outspoken about the harassment she faced at the hands of Nana Patekar during the shoot of a film almost 10 years ago.

In an interview with Prabhat Khabar, Tanushree said, " Because of Nana Patekar, my film career came to an end. I left the film industry because of him now I am not going to stay quiet. I haven't received any legal notice from him. I am waiting for it."

Tanushree told IANS that no one can stop her from speaking the truth and the "threat of legal notice" can't intimidate her. The 34-year-old actress also expressed concern over the lawyers who can do anything for money, Zee News reports. "The current scenario raises how when a victim speaks up there are morally bankrupt and corrupt lawyers and advocates who come forward to defend serial harassers and offenders for their two seconds of fame. Despite witnesses coming forward and all evidence in my support, I am being subjected to criminal intimidation and harassment by Nana's helper. I'm sure this guy has many skeletons in his closet too as birds of a feather always flock together. This is the story of countless millions in our country who are still waiting for justice because they got dragged into a web of legal mumbo jumbo and were silenced into submission."

Tanushree also urged the Indian judicial system to take Nana and his lawyer into custody and question them. "This lawyer along with his client should both be questioned and taken to task. I have a humble request to the Bar Association of India to call out and take action against him and other such people who help perpetrators further harass their victims and witnesses in the name of law," she said in a statement.

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