Tanuja Meets Arman Kohli After Bigg Boss Finale

Tanuja Meets Arman Kohli After Bigg Boss Finale

Guess what Tanisha had to say about the encounter!

The stories of Tanisha’s family wanting to get her out of the Bigg Boss home and their worry about her growing closeness to Armaan Kohli made headlines for the past few months. We bring you the clear picture on what was more to the game!

 On the finale of Bigg Boss, Tanuja, who was first reluctant to drive down to Lonavala, showed up for a 10-15 minute appearance to be beside her daughter. However, a report says that that Tanuja arrived at the event very early (she owns a farmhouse in Lonavala) but didn’t step out of her car till the event was about to end. A source adds, “Tanujaji chose to stay away from the media.”

 However, when Tanisha was approached and asked about her family, she denied all the rumours saying, “My mum was never against me getting into the Bigg Boss house; they all were just being protective like any family member would be.”

 After the show, Tanuja went back to her car and while doing so, Armaan spotted her. What next? He quickly went and hugged her and blurted, ‘Your daughter is very beautiful Ma’am.” Obviously, Tanuja didn’t know how to react – just smiled and took her daughter away!

 Tanisha’s take on Armaan now is: “He’s my best friend and we are close, and the whole world has seen the rest on TV, so let them draw their conclusions. I won’t say anymore.”