Tamnay Bhat Shares Post on His Prevailing Depression

Tamnay Bhat Shares Post on His Prevailing Depression

Tanmay Bhat shared his clinical depression story and said that he may never return to working in comedy movies
Tamnay Bhat Shares Post on His Prevailing Depression
Tanmay Bhat

Comedian Tanmay Bhat uncovered on Instagram that he is experiencing clinical depression and is stressed he may never return to working in comedy movies. Female comedian Aditi Mittal has scrutinized the post, asserting that Tanmay has brushed away the claims that drove him to step far from parody, and recorded occasions where Tanmay took part in or disregarded her being verbally harassed by male comedians. In a series of tweets, Aditi stated, “Damn. I remember when I had to hear on the set of a show that I was working on that I gave "tit access too soon" coz it was told by Tanmay Bhat to the 22 year old writers on that set.I spent a year saying no to work after that coz I was terrified I would have to hear that again.”

“I remember being slut shamed by Utsav Chakraborty, to a guy that said he liked me. He told the guy "Be careful of Aditi, she's been around." It's kind of why I felt so incredibly strongly for Mahima when she spoke up. Because I just couldn't bear to have MORE of this happen,” she wrote in another tweet.

Aditi additionally criticized Tanmay for the manner in which he used his depression in the post. “We've all been ****** over by life. But apparently depression is only newsworthy when someone who had corporates throwing money at him stopped having money thrown at him,” she wrote.

In a series of Instagram recordings shared, the entertainer said he feels "super worried" thinking that his “state of paralysis is permanent.”

Earlier in May, Tanmay's satire bunch AIB declared that he will venture down from the post of CEO and that the organization's YouTube channel is "dead for a long time to come". 

"For most of my adult I life I worked at a company that I was trying to build. Letting the office go, all the people who worked with us, having to say good bye to that took a toll on me mentally and physically. Which finally came to a headway around the end of last year," he said in the video. “A lot of you have been asking fair questions- why don't you move on, why don't you rebuild, but for some reason, I have just watched something that I have worked for last part of my adult life come crashing down. I have just been staring at the rubble going 'what now?” Tanmay expressed gratitude toward his fans and devotees who composed steady messages on his most noticeably awful days, which were massively useful. 

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