Tamanna Vasandani

Tamanna Vasandani

The fashion entrepreneur behind the famed Vibrance exhibitions, chats about what makes her Diwali special...

What does Diwali mean to you?
When I think of Diwali, I think, lights, family, friends, togetherness, cards, great food, lots of love, laughter and happiness.
It’s the time when we burn our negative feelings and begin a fresh and bright
new year.

How do you plan to celebrate Diwali this year?
I love celebrating Diwali in Mumbai since I’m originally from there – the smell of crackers and the all-around vibe is unparalleled. We decorate our home with diyas and lights every Diwali. The day begins with a Lakshmi puja at home and in our offices and the entire family gets together to share a wide spread of food,
play games and visit open houses.

What aspect of the festival do you enjoy the most?
I enjoy the feeling of togetherness and most importantly, the food and the sweets!

What are the must-have elements in your Diwali party?
The must-haves at my party are a lovely buffet spread, the warmth of diyas, a festive ambience and traditional Indian décor, entertainment, drink and Bollywood music.

How do you decorate your home for a party?
I usually decorate the house with diyas, torans, candles, marigold floral arrangements, traditional rangolis and festive lights.

What’s on your menu this Diwali?
I plan to have different varieties of chaats, gajar ka halwa, gulab jamuns, coconut mithai and kaju barfi.

Can you give us your top tips to throw the perfect party?
The five most important things for the perfect Diwali party would include:
- Live cooking stations are great as people can customise the way the food tastes to their preferred flavours.
- Themed décor as it enables a festive ambience befitting the festival of lights.
- Live entertainment and a DJ are always great when bringing a party to life.
- The perfect guest list is the most essential ingredient. After all being surrounded with good people is what Diwali is all about.

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