Talise Summer Wellness Retreat

Talise Summer Wellness Retreat

Treat yourself to a four week wellness programme and stay healthy this summer

This four week wellness programme has been created exclusively by Talise Spa at Madinat Jumeirah and is rooted around the three pillars of health: Prevention, Focus and Renewal. Through a carefully selected variety of treatments and services, this programme is an introduction to detox and healthy living. It aims to educate, motivate and change the thinking of our bodies.The Talise Spa Summer Wellness Retreat Package incorporates the services of the two medical specialists that operate in Talise Spa, Dr Elisabeth Makk and Colonic Hydrotherapist Kay Vosloo. As part of this package both offer detailed consultations and treatments combining medicine and diagnostics with holistic therapies.- 2 x Wellness Scan (at start and end of the program):The Wellness Body Scan is a computerized system that measures and interprets fluid between cells in the body. The results are presented on a computerized 3D representation of the human body, its organs and systems. This helps identify different dysfunctions in the body, the necessary treatments, nutritional and lifestyle changes.- 8 x Yoga sessions (60 minutes):Yoga eliminates toxins and strengthens the immune system, unites the body, mind and spirit, promotes weight loss through awareness of proper nutrition and life balance. Additional benefits include, improved posture, coordination and balance, and increased lung capacity. Weight loss is promoted through awareness of proper nutrition and life balance.- 8 x Human Regenerator sessions (30 minutes):The human Regenerator is a quantum pulse device which generates electromagnetic impulses to naturally regenerate individual cells. Effects include: healing, regulation, strengthening and anti-aging of cells.- 2 x Colon Hydro therapy sessions (including 1 coffee enema):Hydrates, cleanses, strengthens and tones the large intestine through a process of temperature, pressure and flow controlled water. The treatment generally aids those suffering from digestive problems although you don't need to be suffering from anything to have the treatment.- 1 x Green detox scrub (60 minutes): This body treatment stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic systems to balance the body's energy and eliminate toxins.- 1 x Body brush plus detox body mask (60 minutes):This detox body treatment stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic systems, regulates body fluids, neutralizes toxins and metabolism.- 1 x Detox massage (60 minutes)The oils used in this treatment (pink grapefruit, juniper berry, pine and rosemary) help stimulate kidneys, liver and digestive functions. This treatment boost blood and lymphatic circulation, invigorates and wakes up the mind and body, and cleanses the mind and spirit.- Use of Spa facilities (steam/sauna/pool):Steam and sauna facilities used in advance of the body treatments help prepare the body relax and increase circulation.
Available between June 15 to September 15
Price: Dhs 2,990To book or for more information: https://www.jumeirah.com/MJsummerretreat,Email mjwellness@jumeirah.com or mjtalise@jumeirah.com,Tel +971 4 366 6810 and + 971 4 366 6818

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