‘Taimur is Our Baccha’, Says Photographer Who Snaps Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan’s Baby
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‘Taimur is Our Baccha’, Says Photographer Who Snaps Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan’s Baby

Taimur has started growing more comfortable with the photographers who snap him daily as he goes out and about

They say babies adapt to any situation and true to that adage, we see that Taimur Ali Khan developing an unusual bonhomie with the paparazzis who continuously shoot him day in and day out. It has almost become a routine for paps to follow little Taimur wherever he goes – to the park, for a badminton lesson or just for a stroll with his nanny – and capture his cute expressions which are hugely popular on social media. In fact, Taimur is already a star with several fan pages dedicated to him.

And it looks like the munchkin loves the attention and has started recognising the photographers who snap him! Recently, during such a paparazzi session, Taimur seemed to recognise the voices and stopped, not once, but twice to wave back at the paps. If this is not all, Taimur even requested the photographers to call him “Tim” and not Taimur, as he spoke to him with confidence clearly indicating that he is not even slightly uncomfortable with the lensmen chasing him with the flashgun.

Watch the adorable video here:

Says a photographer who covers Taimur’s activities daily, "We shoot Taimur every day. He now knows each one of us by our face. More so, he recognises our voice. We have been shooting him when he was less than a year old. So he is used to us pointing our cameras at him and he doesn't any signs of discomfort. In fact, he looks for us if he doesn't find us around! His friendly behaviour puts us at ease and he has become like our baccha. You won't realise but we have grown to be extremely fond of him. If he is in a bad mood, we don't shoot him. Have you seen any pictures where Taimur is crying? It is because we are now extremely caring about him. Taimur is our Baccha," said a paparazzi photographer.

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