Taimur Ali Khan Will Go to a Boarding School
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Taimur Ali Khan Will Go to a Boarding School

Little Taimur Ali Khan will follow the Pataudi family tradition and go to a boarding school for his education

As Taimur Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan’s adorable tot grows up, the paparazzi obsession with him has lessened a bit. Or perhaps not! Each time the little one steps out with his stylish parents, the camera goes crazy as was proved during the recent Armaan Jain wedding celebrations.

But as he grows up, it seems like the world will see less and less of Taimur. Reliable sources reveal that Taimur Ali Khan will  follow the  family tradition  of  all children from the Pataudi clan attending boarding  school  in England. Thankfully, it will not be any time  soon.

A source  close  to  the family reveals, “It’s always been like that in the Pataudi family. Saif’s father Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi studied in  England, then his  son Saif and daughters Sabaa and Soha. Saif’s children Sara and Ebrahim from his first marriage (with Amrita Singh) also went to boarding school. And  eventually it will be Taimur’s turn.”

There were media reports that Taimur would “soon”  be sent to  boarding school. This is untrue. Taimur won’t be sent away until he is  12 or 13 years old. However, and here is the catch, Taimur’s doting father is  not too keen to send away his son. Says a  source  close to the family, “Not Saif, but it is Kareena who is adamant that Taimur be sent  off  after a  certain age. She feels  the  constant media attention  is  not right for Taimur. And she is right.  Saif  isn’t so sure  he wants his youngest born to spend his growing years away from his family. Saif hardly  got  time to spend with his first two children Sara and  Ebrahim. He  doesn’t want to miss out on  Taimur’s growing up years either.”

Earlier, too Saif and Kareena had spoken about the media’s obsession with Taimur and how unhealthy it can prove to be for the child. However, they didn’t make a huge noise about it and preferred to let the photographers do their job provided they didn’t cause any trouble.

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