Taimur Ali Khan - Does He Need a Break?
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Taimur Ali Khan - Does He Need a Break?

Has Taimur Ali Khan been overexposed to the spotlight already? Saadia Ahmed weighs in

The most famous celebrity on Bollywood sphere these days is not Shah Rukh Khan or Deepika Padukone but a two-year-old who melts everyone’s heart with just one gaze. Yes, you are right. It is Taimur Ali Khan. He has been the center of media attention since his birth. Even Taimur’s name raised many speculations among the people. His parents were brutally criticized for their choice of name. Before his birth, his mother Kareena Kapoor Khan set a precedent for upcoming mothers by normalizing pregnancy and wearing it like a badge of honor. Since Taimur’ Ali Khan’s first picture came on media, he went viral in no time.

Today Taimur Ali Khan’s pictures create probably more stir than his parents Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan. Well, looking at him we can clearly rationalize the reason for everyone’s hearts melting for this cloud of marshmallow looking child. Blessed with the best genes, Taimur Ali Khan is very much the poster baby. His chubby pink cheeks and crystal blue eyes make us all go gaga over him literally all time. Since Taimur has also grown up with media attention it seems kind of normal for him. We see him exchanging hi and bye with the paparazzi. However, here one point needs our thought and ponder. Is it healthy for a two-year-old to be under constant media scrutiny? According to Taimur Ali Khan’s parents, they decided not to keep him under the covers because they wanted Taimur to have a normal childhood. But it is sad that this turned the other way round. The poor child does not even have the liberty to walk out of his playschool like other children his age.

Some weeks ago we saw the father Saif Ali Khan lashing out on the press for flashing their camera lights on the child. The lights were so intense that the otherwise cool Nawab lost his calm. His mother Kareena Kapoor Khan also says that it sometimes scares him when she sees her only child being scrutinized and clicked by media all time.
Yes, Taimur Ali Khan is born to celebrity parents whom we have always loved and adored. Today we love Taimur Ali Khan not just for being their son but also as a child we all gush over. But is it fair to the child? Will it not deprive him of a normal childhood? Would little Tim Tim not be left isolated by his peers when he leads a life like this in his teens? These questions ask for an answer. Our love for Taimur Ali Khan should probably be more centric towards his well-being than our craze for his every move. Maybe it is time both for media and fans to act responsibly.

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By Saadia Ahmed
Saadia Ahmed is a Bollywood and cheesecake fanatic with no obvious interest in space travel. She tweets @khwamkhwah day in and out