Taimur Ali Khan Birthday: Papa Saif Ali Khan Talks About his Wish for His Son

Taimur, mom Kareena Kapoor Khan and dad Saif Ali Khan are in South Africa where they will be celebrating the little one’s second birthday
Taimur Ali Khan Birthday: Papa Saif Ali Khan Talks About his Wish for His Son
Taimur Ali Khan and Saif Ali Khan

As Taimur Ali Khan, the biggest Khan superstar of Bollywood turns 2 on December 20, the celebrations just don’t seem to stop. They actually started last week when Taimur’s birthday party ushered in what the Kapoor family collectively referred to like Tim’s birthday binge. Says a source close to the family, “ Saif and Kareena decided to host an early birthday party for their little one because they were booked to shoot an ad together in South Africa on the day of Taimur’s birthday (September 20). They decided to finish with the birthday party and take him on a jungle safari in Africa since Taimur loves animals. Of course, the paparazzi are going to miss him on his special day. But Saif Ali Khan and  Kareena Kapoor have promised  a steady flow of  pictorial  evidence  of Taimur’s activities in  Africa.”

When we touched base with Taimur’s Papa Saif in Africa, he seemed to be blissfully bonded with his baby boy and of course his beloved, begum Kareena. Speaking about Taimur at 2, Saif says from Africa,  “We’re wrapping up our ad shoot and  driving to the countryside to ride horses in their natural habitat and to swim and look at and touch  big cats!!” Saif wants his son to be an outdoor lover. “I really want Tim to love Africa and the outdoors like  I do. I don’t want him to be an indoor kid glued to the smartphone.”