Taapsee Pannu’s Response to a Troll Calling Her a "Cheap Actor" Gets Praise Online

Taapsee Pannu’s Response to a Troll Calling Her a "Cheap Actor" Gets Praise Online

Taapsee Pannu has been subjected to a lot of social media trolling as of late and she’s not having any of it. She took to Twitter and her response to a troll is winning the Internet

Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu has been on the receiving end of lots of social media trolling as of late. Netizens have subjected her to lots of trolling pertaining to her acting, her looks and opinions. Not one opportunity has been missed to bash the actress and nor have haters left any stone unturned to pass nasty remarks on her. But celebrities like Taapsee know that with fame and celebrity status come the trolls who can’t handle one’s success. What Taapsee is also very well versed in is how to handle these trolls in the best possible way.

Recently, a social media user took to Twitter and attacked Taapsee for her acting skills. "You're a cheap actor. Your mental state is not right,” the troll said. To which, Taapsee responded just like a boss. "Ok sir. When are you giving me therapy sessions? And in the bargain also tell how to become an 'expensive' actor. Inflation toh mere mein bhi hona chahiye na," Taapsee replied.

Of course, it doesn’t take long for something to go viral on social media and her reaction was met with positive response from other social media users. Within minutes of her response she was being praised for her response and many even came out in support of the actress, asking her not to pay attention to these trolls.
"Oh leave them behind Taapsee, they are not gonna change anyway. You are an incredible actress and you should know it," a Twitter user wrote.

The 31-year-old actress responded to the user saying, "Arre but I don't want them to change. They are so entertaining! Let's not kill their humour by expecting them to change. They provide us with so much of content! How to use it is up to us. P.S- Thankq for the lovely compliment girl (sic).”

More and more users came out in support of the actress and one Twitter user made a valid point about people not changing. "People will never change. And you are right they are so entertaining. And yeah you to never change the way you reply trollers. Tips tho aise dete hai logg jaise khud acting mai diploma kr k bethe hai. And yeah All the best mam for #missionmangal and #SaandKiAankh (sic)," she wrote while wishing Taapsee all the best for her future projects.

There are some who even lauded Taapsee’s response to the trolls and appreciated that she took a stand for herself and responded to the trolls. "I think it's time to raise voice against such derogatory comments. You are one powerful actress in the whole industry. I love you for the way you carry yourself. Don't ignore these negative comments. Raise your voice and shut them up. More power to you," a tweet read.

In came another tweet which was in support for the actress and the fact that a celebrity’s personal life should not be commented on. "Well said, people like him deserved a slap of words. People r free to give thr opinion on ur skills,but thy r nt havng any rghts to give opinion on ur personal life,its non of thr busn, (sic)" the user commented.

It’s nice to see how many come out in support for others while some can be so ruthless with their negative comments. On the work front, Taapsee Pannu is gearing up for the release of Saand Ki Aankh and Mission Mangal in the next few months.