Taapsee Pannu says Women Are Sick of Being Portrayed as Stupid and Dumb On Screen
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Taapsee Pannu says Women Are Sick of Being Portrayed as Stupid and Dumb On Screen

Taapsee Pannu says that audiences are now looking for something unique and unconventional

Recent clicks, Baby, Pink and Badla are validation for Taapsee Pannu who has contended that Bollywood is now looking at the dawn of the new age commercial cinema, one where the concept of “no-brainer” will no longer be relevant. 

Badla, which brought in business of over INR1.3 billion at the box office is a testament to the fact that audiences are now moving beyond the typical themes of commercial cinema. 

“A lot of waking up has happened after Badla. I feel that audiences are now ready for something that is not done before, something unconventional. The concept of not taking your brain to the theatre is slowly going out of the window. People want to take the brain to the theatre,” the actor said during her interview with PTI. 

The 31-year-old actor has also offered a new refined definition of the term ‘commercial cinema’ and has consistently tried to avoid the concept of a “damsel in distress” film. 

“I watched such roles and I couldn’t identify with them at all, or couldn’t believe the existence of such characters because in my life, yes, I’ve seen women who probably are not that vocal. Yes, there are women who are probably not obviously confident. But it’s not like they are dumb,” she said. 

She went on to add that, “They will they have their set of reasons to be a certain way, but they’re not dumb and stupid. So I couldn’t identify with most of those roles and that is why I didn’t do it. Especially now, when women are venturing out into big positions and careers.” 

Pannu also makes it a point to mention that women are now fed up of being portrayed as “dumb and stupid” on screen.

“I think a large part of our audience also comprises of female, and they are getting a little sick and tired of watching them being portrayed as stupid and dumb. I think now it’s time that we can also be the central point of a story. So that is changing,” she explained. 

She made a valid point by saying that audiences will welcome a film with open arms if it offers them something unique and unconventional. 

“If you’re giving them something new, I think they’ll give it a chance. I’ve seen the similar stuff so many years, that now this sudden bent towards Over The Top platform (digital) is also because of that, because they haven’t seen that stuff. And they’re getting all that OTT and that is why they are drawn towards that,” she said. 

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