Taapsee Pannu responds to comments on ageism, Rangoli Chandel strikes back
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Taapsee Pannu responds to comments on ageism, Rangoli Chandel strikes back

Taapsee Panny recently cleared the air surrounding her role in Saandh Ki Aankh, however, Rangoli Chandel is not happy with the actress comparing herself to legends

Bollywood either loves controversies or is utterly unable to avoid them in the current age. Every now and then, a particular someone is seen ruing about a specific something and their social media rants surely more often than not, tend to create waves. This time around, it’s the trailer of Saandh Ki Aankh that has been causing quite a stir. Earlier today, it was Bollywood veteran actress Neena Gupta who complained that the roles of aged women should have been given to women of the old age. Kangana Ranaut’s sister, Rangoli Chandel wasn’t one to back down either which sparked a social media debate.

Now, there is another addition to the debate. Saandh Ki Aankh star, Taapsee Pannu has jumped in to give her opinion on the matter. In a series of photos, the actress asked if people ever want to embrace the positivity anymore or if they just want to keep latching on to negativity and glorifying the lack of risk-taking tendencies. She wrote, “Did we ask the same question when we all loved what Anupam Kher did in Saaransh. Did we question when Nargis Dutt played a mother to Sunil Dutt? Did we question when Aamir Khan played a college kid in 3 idiots? Are these lovely allegations and questions reserved for us only?”

Taapsee then also shared that she is still going to be unhinged by the comments coming her way because she feels that it was something that attracted people to the film. Rangoli, on the other hand, struck back at the actress. Mocking Taapsee, she wrote, “Acting ka A bhi nai aata and you’re comparing yourself to legends. Learn how to act because this tacky silver hair and cheap prosthetic won’t make you an actor. What about the body language of a 60-year-old? Where is the aged voice? Longing for youth in one’s eyes? Where is the acting?” It looks like this feud is not about to end anytime soon.

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