Taapsee Pannu: ‘I Was Traumatized Doing Game Over’
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Taapsee Pannu: ‘I Was Traumatized Doing Game Over’

Taapsee Pannu still carries the wounds and scars of her character in her latest release Game Over that got good reviews from critics

Actors tend to get severely traumatized by intense roles. Decades ago, the mighty Dilip Kumar had to undergo psycho-therapy after playing the tragic lover in Bimal Roy’s Devdas. More recently Rajkummar Rao was severely affected by playing the isolated Mumbaikar in Trapped. And Manisha Koirala found it very difficult to get over her rape survivor’s part in Shashilal Nair’s Grahan. Similarly, it wasn’t easy playing the suicidal paranoid woman stalked by serial killers in new director Aswin Saravnan’s Game Over. Taapsee Pannu who plays the lead in this one-woman show (almost!)  Still carries the wounds and scars of her character. “This has been the most traumatic role of my career…by far. It was exhausting both emotionally and physically,” confesses Taapsee.

And I know exactly what she means. In this 3-language thriller, she is pushed around, hurled to the floors, trampled on and kicked and shoved by her violators. “I’ve done other extremely demanding roles. But this was on a different level. Game Over just crushed me.  When I first heard the script my reaction was, can I do this? That quickly became, I must do this. The whole purpose of doing what I am doing is to seek new challenges and set new goals for myself,” confesses Taapsee.

She is more than happy with the reviews of Game Over. “The critics have been very kind and generous. But I guess that’s true of most of my films. Now I need enough people to go and see my efforts in Game Over. There is no point in giving your life and blood to a film when there aren’t enough people to watch your efforts.”
Taapsee now needs to unwind with a film that’s all about time-pass entertainment. “I don’t want to be seen as a serious actress all the time.  I can have fun too. I did have fun doing Judwaa with Varun Dhawan. I don’t mind doing more such fun roles.”

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