Taapsee Pannu Discusses Shift in Cinema Content
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Taapsee Pannu Discusses Shift in Cinema Content

Taapsee Pannu revealed that the audience is moving away from films that are no-brainers

In a short amount of time, Bollywood’s budding actress Taapsee Pannu has managed to make a huge impact in the industry. With films such as Pink, Baby and Badla, the actress has now established herself amongst the best female leads of the industry. But she is now looking forward to finding a new meaning of commercial – one where “no-brainer” films are not needed anymore. She’s hoping for better content to come out of Bollywood films now as the audience is maturing and starting to look out for films that are not just slap-stick comedies, but a little more meaningful. She added that her last film, Badla fared well at the box office, earning over a whopping Rs 130 crore proves that.

In an interview with PTI, Taapsee said, “A lot of waking up has happened after Badla. I feel that audiences are now ready for something that is not done before, something unconventional. The concept of not taking your brain to the theatre is slowly going out of the window. People want to take the brain to the theatre.”

Offering a new definition to the term “commercial cinema”, the actress added, “It’s a good time to release a film which will just keep you glued to the screen for two hours, will give you enough entertainment for you to be involved in the film. It will not have the usual comedy; it will not have the song and dance in it. But yes, it will entertain you for sure and will keep you involved for two hours. You will not feel bored or you won’t feel that you do not understand what’s happening - and that’s the definition of the new age commercial cinema.”

Promoting her upcoming project, Game Over, which is being considered as India’s first home-invasion thriller, Taapsee also feels that the era of showing women as “damsels in distress” is also over. She continued, “I think a large part of our audience also comprises of female, and they are getting a little sick and tired of watching them being portrayed as stupid and dumb. Women are venturing out into big positions and careers, and I think now it’s time that we can also be the central point of a story.” The 31-year-old star concluded that if filmmakers give the audience something new, they’ll give it a chance. Taapsee will be next seen in Game Over, in which she plays Swapna – a wheelchair confined video game programmer battling home invasion. The film is all set to hit screens on June 14.

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