T Series and PewDiePie: Legal Battle Coming to Close?
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T Series and PewDiePie: Legal Battle Coming to Close?

T Series, the world's largest YouTube channel and Swedish PewDiePie are involved in a legal battle. Read more about it here

T-series and PewDiePie are two influential presences in the world of YouTube. T-Series, the world's largest YouTube channel, has filed a motion of appeal against its competitor PewDiePie and has won an order. The Delhi High Court has asked YouTube to remove from its platform two songs posted by Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie, reports NDTV.
PewDiePie also came under fire for being named by the Christchurch Mosque attacker in New Zealand, as the shooter killed fifty people.

Justice Jayant Nath in an interim order on April 8 said the order should be complied with within two weeks. "In my opinion, it would be in the interest of justice that these videos are taken off by YouTube", Justice Nath said. The court also directed YouTube to ensure that the songs do not get uploaded again on its platform.

A notice was issued to PewDiePie on the suit filed by T-Series owner Super Cassettes Pvt Ltd. The court has listed the matter for further hearing on July 15, NDTV confirmed. In its plea, T-Series has sought that Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, be permanently restrained from uploading the songs titled "T-Series Diss Track/Bitch Lasagna" and "Congratulations". The Court notice will be forwarded to T-series India which will force them to restrict the same videos in India.

If the channel is banned, the Swedish YouTuber is supposed to lose millions of subscribers in one go.