Sushant Singh (Finally) Plans to Get Married to Ankita Lokhande
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Sushant Singh (Finally) Plans to Get Married to Ankita Lokhande

What's the date Sushant?

Hottie Sushant Singh Rajput and Ankita Lokhande have been living in for the longest time (at least five years) and neither was willing to take that final step. But now we hear they’re ready for marriage. Sushant himself said so in an interview, “Yes. Ankita wants to have an elaborate wedding. So I need to plan for it. It’s on the top of my priority list. We haven’t fixed any date, but it should happen sometime soon.”

We presume this should make Ankita feel more secure since there have been a lot of reports of her paranoia about Sushant.  Not so long ago, she reportedly turned up at YashRaj Studios and had heated words with Sushant and left.

Well he’s now trying to prove that he stands by the love of his life and doesn’t feel his female fan following will be affected by his decision to marry. He says, “I think the audience will respect you more for your honesty and courage to stand by your girl. I am in a steady and dreamlike relationship with Ankita for the last five years, and I have always been transparent about it, and proud of it.”

Ah well, we can only wish them all the best! 

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