Sushant Singh and Anushka Sharma's New Friendship!
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Sushant Singh and Anushka Sharma's New Friendship!

The two actors are allegedly getting very close on the sets of their new film

There seems to be a new friendship blossoming on sets of Raj Kumar Hirani's 'Peekay' between Anushka Sharma and Sushant Singh Rajput!
During their 10-day schedule in Belgium, according to a source, initially the two were stiff as boards, due to their earlier differences. Apparently Anushka had made certain not-so-nice remarks about Sushant's role in Peekay. This upset Sushant who retaliated. But the two have obviously put all of this behind them; the camaraderie on the outdoor location in Belgium had to be seen to be believed!

They apparently lunched together, goofed around and shared discussions on food, fashion and movies. The weather on the outdoor in Burges was unpredictable, which kind of confined them (when not shooting) to the service apartments they were staying at. So Anushka's manager would shop for ingredients for them to cook up a meal and Sushant, Anushka and she would get into the apartment kitchen. This resulted in many quiet dinners over bread and eggs! Just for the record, Sushant Singh is engaged to Ankita Lokhande and we wonder how she will take Anushka's new role on Sushant's horizon!

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