Surviving The Expat Stay-At-Home-Mom Duties

Surviving The Expat Stay-At-Home-Mom Duties

Check out our tips and tricks to stay a sane and relaxed stay at home mom

Remember you are advised to wear the oxygen mask first before helping others while travelling in an airplane. Similarly, in my opinion self-care should be of utmost importance. I happen to live in a nuclear setting and my boy is totally dependent on me. Hence, I hardly ever get an off from my mum-duties, and it is important that I get my necessary me-time to unwind from daily ruckus. Here are few dummies-for parenting-hacks to survive mother hood as an expat mom.

1. Plan in Advance

Be prepared. Yes! The key to living a hassle-free life is to plan everything in advance. It does require a lot of discipline but once you get hold of it, this is going to make your life very convenient. A complete weekly meal plans for kids, playdate day for kids, cleaning day, dusting day, washing day ,grocery day, shopping day each n sundry should be planned in advance.

2. Your Me-Time is Highly Important

Well, it’s true that you hardly get free hours with young kids but exclusive time for stay-at-home-moms is extremely important to break that mundane lifestyle. An hour of physical activity every day which includes simple exercise, Zumba/aerobics or simple stroll in nearby park, brings an amazing adrenaline rush. For some cooking is therapeutic and for others, reading a good book brings a sense of relieve.

3. Do Not Hesitate to Make New Mom Friends

A stay-at-home-mom can never have too many friends and that too while living in an expat country. So buckle yourself up, arrange playdates, organize potlucks, meetup at coffee shops, and invite them up on brunch parties. In short get yourselves out of kids-centric universe that we stay-at-home-moms are inhibited in 24/7.

4. Cut Yourself Some Slack

Yes! It’s totally okay to not feel okay sometimes. And on those very odd days, let your kids wear PJ’s and order in pizza and watch a movie together. As much as it’s important to plan and prepare in advance, sometimes it is equally important to break the rules and go easy on yourself.

5. Be Grateful For All The Blessings

Amidst all the chaos, perhaps it gets very overwhelming for stay-at-home-moms to look after each and every aspect of kid’s life. Perhaps the only thing that keeps you going is the overwhelming amount of love and gratitude that encourages the maternal instincts to take care of the precious child. Whenever the feeling of despair overpowers, just count your blessings. Being grateful sets everything into perspective.

In short, living the expat mom life is nothing but a feat of resilience and patience hence, these parenting hacks will surely help SAHM get some breathers.

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