'Surkh Chandni', Episodes 13 and 14: Aida Gains Confidence

'Surkh Chandni', Episodes 13 and 14: Aida Gains Confidence

In ARY’s Surkh Chandni, a story about acid attack survivors, Aida stops feeling sorry for herself and moves forward
'Surkh Chandni', Episodes 13 and 14: Aida Gains Confidence

Since episode 2 of Surkh Chandni, viewers have witnessed Aida (Sohai Ali Abro) in the most pitiful of states. Whether it was writhing in pain in the hospital from the acid attack or being ostracized from the rest of the family in her own home, placed in a servant quarter, Aida has gone through one grim moment after another. Most recently, Aida was jailed for attempted murder on Jawad (Asad Siddiqui), her attacker.  After her arrest, her family no longer wanted anything to do with her and cut off all ties.  Of course, the ever-loyal Amaan (Osmaan Khalid Butt) managed to get her released and began to pick up the pieces with her. 

At the beginning of episode 13, Amaan catches Aida in a vulnerable moment, standing at the ledge of the terrace. He stops her and she apologizes. The two get married in a small ceremony and begin their new life together with the blessings of Amaan’s mother. While Aida and Amaan are happy together, Aida finally feeling as though she “belongs,” Amaan neighbors begin to kick up a fuss regarding Aida’s “character.”  It has to be said that ARY shows have the most illogical concepts of “mauhallay waale.”  What sort of people offer up their opinions on the household matters of others?  In this case, these neighbors tell Amaan to either kick his wife out of the house or move themselves – what?  And this is all because Amaan’s wife’s face is burned. 

On the other end, Shumaila (Masha Pasha) finds herself the current object of Jawad’s affections.  As viewers have seen Jawad’s actions towards his last “love,” Jawad’s attention towards Shumaila is ominous and almost worrisome.  Shumaila willingly begins to push herself towards this dangerous relationship, blinded by thoughts of riches and smitten by the attention she receives from Jawad.  Unfortunately, this will only be a bad situation for her – but after all the torture she has inflicted on Aida, her father in law and now her mother in law, do viewers really care? 

Amaan gets into a spat with the neighbors and, in a fury, tells both his mother and Aida to start standing up for themselves.  If they haven’t done anything wrong, why are they allowing others to treat them this way?  Aida vows that she will stop feeling sorry for herself and gets dressed up to go out with Amaan.  In the meantime, Amaan leaves work early with the blessing of his boss and finds Jawad sitting with his friends in the neighborhood.  This turns into a spat and ends with Jawad hitting Amaan over the head with a slab of concrete.  Amaan is rushed to the hospital and Aida is told to arrange for blood, as he has lost a lot of it. 

Finally, after weeks of misery, this episode finally dug Surkh Chandni out from the burden of constant misery.  Aida’s life is finally beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel with her marriage to Amaan and Amaan’s success in his workplace.  However, the idea of “Yeh duniya jeene nahin degi” (this world will not let you live) continues in the form of pestering, illogical neighbors who, at present, are the number one enemy.  Of course, Jawad remains as villainous as ever, but at present, he is slowly becoming Shumaila’s problem rather than Aida’s – barring, you know, his attempted murder on Amaan.  Audiences can take a sigh of relief after seeing Amaan alive and well in the preview for episode 15.  After ARY's track record with killing Shayaan (Cheekh), Amaan's fate had viewers stressed.  However, it seems as though Aida's misery will continue resume in episode 15.  

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