Surkh Chandni Episode 23 & 24: Jawad’s Aggression Heightens

Surkh Chandni Episode 23 & 24: Jawad’s Aggression Heightens

Sohai Ali Abro and Osman Khalid Butt starrer takes a grim turn when Jawad frames Amaan
Surkh Chandni Episode 23 & 24:  Jawad’s Aggression Heightens
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Surkh Chandni” has been portraying the life of an acid attack victim as its baseline story.  While showing the after-effects of the attack, the show has also showed the trials faced by not only Aida, but also her family and in-laws.  And while the show, despite heavy doses of depression, has followed a track that seemed to follow reality well, it has, in recent episodes, taken a slightly unrealistic turn.

Jawad stabs Mukhtar and leaves him for dead.  He invites Shumaila over and informs her of his actions, which not only shocks her, but leaves his own mother (Gul E Rana) in disbelief.  Despite Jawad’s murderous attack, Mukhtar makes his way to the road and is saved by passers-by.  As he recovers in the hospital, Amaan and Aida confront Shumaila about her relationship with Jawad and her intentions, while Rukhsana (Lubna Aslam) kicks Shumaila out of her home in anger, furious.  Jawad is angered by Shumaila’s sympathy for Mukhtar and furiously begins to abuse her as she becomes upset over the situation.  Shumaila realizes that she has stepped into very dangerous, unhappy territory as Jawad becomes a loose cannon, taking his anger out on her and locking her up in a room.  Jawad, in revenge, frames Amaan for drug possession and the police head over to arrest him.  In an excrutiatingly long scene, Amaan is taken away kicking and fighting as his mother, Safina (Huma Nawab), follows the crowd crying.  Amaan is beaten in jail and horribly mistreated and Aida feels she is responsible for his condition.

The performances in Surkh Chandni are brilliant, there is absolutely no room for complaint there.  Whether it’s Sohai Ali Abro, Osman Khalid Butt, Mansha Pasha or Asad Siddiqui, everyone has played their part to the best of their abilities.  However, the complaint from last week persists even moreso.  Jawad has been turned into this super-villain.  A man who chose to throw acid at a girl for rejecting him is a coward.  But this coward has enough audacity to “murder” Mukhtar, physically abuse Shumaila at a disgusting level, threaten his own mother and then frame Amaan for possession of drugs.  How?  How did he even get into Amaan’s home?  Next week looks even more intense and it’s frustrating to watch a man who is simply a deranged, psychologically damaged man who could not take no for an answer turn into this super villain who can do anything and everything.  Yes, Jawad and his mother are well-off, but how far is their reach really?  They are store owners, so how does Jawad have a hold over the police and neighborhood alike?  It’s great to see new, informative and realistic stories, but has the realism been lost in these last few episodes for the sake of dramatics?