Super 30: Hrithik Roshan's Film's Trailer Inspires

Super 30: Hrithik Roshan's Film's Trailer Inspires

Super 30's trailer is out and here's what Subhash K Jha thought of the trailer

The trailer of Vikas Bahl’s Super 30 is out. And the news is good. The film LOOKS inspiring. It conveys an edifying flavour and makes a direct impact as it dives headlong into the life of world-renowned mathematician Anand Kumar. Hrithik Roshan plays the internationally celebrated maths wizard.

The film faced plenty of controversies as it was colliding with Kangana Ranaut and Rajkummar Rao's film Mental Hai Kya which was also going to be releasing on the same date. Finally, the two films have a gap between them as Super 30 releases on July 12 2019 and Mental Hai Kya releases on July 26.

First things first. Hrithik looks nothing like Anand Kumar. Nor has the actor been able to emulate Anand’s voice quality. So let’s just say this is Anand Kumar according to Hrithik Roshan and that’s just fine. How much did Robert Downey Jr look like Charlie Chaplin? Having said that, let’s celebrate the motivational spirit that the trailer celebrates with such exhilarating contagious enthusiasm. The trailer addresses itself repeatedly to the question of educating and empowering the poor. At one point in the trailer, ‘Anand  Kumar’ declares ‘Aaj raja ka beta nahin banega raja wohi banega jo haqdar  hoga’ (from now on, a king’s son won’t be a king. This right goes to the person who deserves it).’ Super 30 has its heart in the right place. It seems to say it’s not okay to let the poor languish in their poverty. At a time when the rich are getting richer, it is time to let the movies give the underprivileged a voice. Super 30 does just that. For this, it must be applauded.