Super 30: Anand Kumar Says People Will Remember the Film Based on His Life

Super 30: Anand Kumar Says People Will Remember the Film Based on His Life

Super 30, starring Hrithik Roshan, is based on the life of mathematician Anand Kumar. The maths genius shared his views on the upcoming film
Super 30: Anand Kumar Says People Will Remember the Film Based on His Life
Poster for Super 30 and Anand Kumar

Hrithik Roshan will be playing the role of Anand Kumar, an educationalist and mathematician from Patna, Bihar, in his film Super 30, which will be releasing on 12th July. The film will show Anand Kumar's journey as he launches and successfully runs the Super 30 programme in his hometown, which prepares less privileged students for the entrance exams of top universities. In a candid interview with an Indian daily, Anand Kumar shared his views on the movie based on his life and struggles. He said some movies had portrayed the negative aspects of Bihar but Super 30 would showcase the hard work and dedication of people in the East Indian state.

Anand also spoke about Hrithik playing his role in the movie and how hard the actor had worked, “I didn’t need to give him any advice. He is a big and accomplished actor,” he said, adding that Hrithik had taken a year to prepare for the role and also toned down his physique and muscles to look more like Anand. He revealed that Hrithik had made a 150 hour video of him, his daily routine, eating habits, his style of walking, speaking and teaching style, and studied the video thoroughly.

“After that, he had five to seven meetings with me in Mumbai, and each of those meetings lasted for hours. One meeting lasted for six hours. At the end of it, he came down to the road to drop me. He was barefoot. His staff came running and told him that you are not wearing your chappals. That’s how engrossed he was in those meetings,” Anand said.

On being asked whether he thought that Hrithik would win an award for this movie, he replied, “Absolutely. And I think people will remember this movie for a long time”. He also shared that all 30 kids -- playing the students of the Super 30 programme -- were from less privileged families in Bihar and 5-6 were Anand’s students in real life, while the rest were theatre actors. He said the filmmakers wanted to include some of his students in the movie as their mathematical knowledge and experience of his classroom added value to the film.

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