Suno Chanda, Season 2: The Ultimatum and Making Strides
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Suno Chanda, Season 2: The Ultimatum and Making Strides

Suno Chanda Season 2’s episode 24 was all about making strides and handing out ultimatums

Episode 24 opens with Jiya discussing her ultimatum to Arsal with Huma. Shortly after this scene, Shahana, the fan-favorite saas of the century, is seen verbally and physically thrashing Arsal for his behavior with Jiya as a confused Jamshed looks on. Shahana’s one liners and her banter with Arsal is one of greatest reasons for Suno Chanda’s success (Arsal and Jiya aside). The chemistry between Farhan Saeed and Nadia Afghan is perfect and they form the best mother-son relationship on television in recent times. This is the best scene of the episode. 

The next scene shows Arsal confronting Jiya about her ultimatum, telling her that those who wish to mend their relationships do not give their relationships a timeline and that he will not bend in front of her. The beauty of Arsal and Jiya’s relationship and how it has been written is that there is not a clear cut black or white character – Arsal and Jiya are flawed individuals with faults. The sympathy of the audience is constantly changing.  In episode 23, Arsal had the audience sympathy after Ajiya made her ultimatum. Despite Arsal’s emotions being valid, in episode 24, the audience sympathy leans towards Jiya. Throughout the episode, we see Arsal refusing the eat the food Jiya has cooked, waking Jiya up at 2 AM and requesting chai and treating Jiya in a manner that can only be described as aggressive and insulting. While it’s understandable that he is hurt, that does not excuse his actions. 

Fortunately, the Mithoo-Maina love story has taken a backseat overall, but it is an entertaining story in small doses. We witness Mithoo urging Pari to fight his case, as he wants to marry Maina. The relationship between Mithoo and Pari is particularly endearing to watch, as the characters truly seem to love and respect each other. In an amusing scene, DJ blackmails Mithoo and Maina into playing his parents for a parent-teacher meeting – for which they get caught and DJ’s phone is confiscated.  Following this, the viewers are treated to a sweet scene where Ajiya consoles DJ. The writing here deserves praise – each relationship in this drama is given importance and the bond between these two siblings has been written in such a way that those with siblings can relate to the love-hate relationship.

As if things could not be worse for Arsal and Jiya, Arsal brings his friend Yasir home – the friend Ajiya cannot stand. Arsal and Jiya get into an argument when Arsal commands her to make chai, an argument that gets mildly physical – and Shahana steps in. The situation reaches a crossroad when Shahana, in her anger, slaps Arsal and kicks him out of the house. Jiya tries to stop Arsal as he’s packing, but Arsal is in no mood to listen. This scene is especially heartbreaking for Ajiya fans and it’s difficult to see Arsal’s anger when Jiya has let her guard down and is vulnerable. Arsal leaves for Yasir’s house and is now seeking to get revenge on Ajiya. 

While the love story between Mumtaz and Agha Ji is very cute, the addition of Nagina into the mix as a 3rd wheel is an unwelcome one. Nagina as a character is hilarious and she’s sorely missed on the canvas at present, but Mumtaz’s jealousy towards Nagina and Nagina’s interest in Agha Ji is an angle that is simply unnecessary. That being said, Mumtaz actively searching for the bangles given to her by Agha Ji is a scene that puts a smile on the viewer’s face. This brings the summary for episode 24 to a close.  This episode was action-packed and the season is now at a peak regarding audience interest.

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