Suno Chanda Season 2, Episode 27:  Let the Games Continue!
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Suno Chanda Season 2, Episode 27: Let the Games Continue!

In Suno Chanda's episode 27 of season 2, Arsal and Ajiya are at it again!

Suno Chanda Season 2's episode 27 tells us a lot. Primarily, to say that life is one big game for Arsal and Ajiya would be an understatement.  In the recent episode, Jiya extracted her “revenge” by calling Arsal a stranger and having him arrested.  The family spent the day questioning her about his whereabouts and she pretended to be as clueless as everyone else.  Episode 27 revolved largely around the aftermath of Jiya’s actions.

At the beginning of the episode, we see Jiya discussing the situation with Huma, wondering what to do as now the entire household is in a panic over Arsal’s disappearance.  Huma sets Jiya straight, letting her know that her actions are inappropriate and that she deserves what’s coming to her.  At this point, Jiya does not seem the least bit remorseful for her actions, rather she’s only concerned about the family finding out and losing support.

As Jiya ponders a way out of her predicament, Arsal cools his heels in jail, chatting with his fellow inmates, as the police will not allow them a phone call.  The family’s stress reaches its peak when Arjiya finally confesses to knowing where Arsal is.  After hearing the story, Ajiya is on the receiving end of anger from the household members and it’s her turn to be boycotted.  Arsal, in true Arsal behavior, fakes bruises and pretends to have been beaten in jail in order to gain further sympathy from the family.  This, of course, increases the family’s anger towards Jiya and, in a vulnerable moment, she makes an honest confession to Maina when she asks why Jiya did this:

“Kyun ke bachpan se humne yehi kiya hai. Is ke ilaawa kuch nahin kiya humne” (Since childhood, this is what we’ve been doing and we’ve never done anything else.”)

While Jiya does not get a free pass for her actions and she is an adult, capable of making adult decisions, this line is a true reflection of Arsal and Jiya’s relationship.  Their relationship has always been like this and they have yet to understand how to change it.

The other story arc receiving attention, of course, is that of Mithoo and Maina.  After Masooma’s phone call to Daajee, Jalaal and Maina are in a panic as Masooma and Mithoo look on.  The scenario is rather amusing as Jalaal tells Maina to inform the family that he’s had a heart attack in order to distract them from the Mithoo-Maina situation.  As a result, his family decides to visit Karachi to check on him at the hospital.  At the end of the episode, Dajee and company arrive, while Jalaal and Maina panic in their room.

This episode is eventful and, after watching Arsal being the culprit this season, it is fun to see the scenario switched.  In season 1, Jiya was possibly the more immature half of this relationship and it is amusing to see that side escaping once again.  With only 5 episodes left, one wonders how this story will wrap up!

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By Sophia Qureshi
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