Suno Chanda Season 2, Episode 23: Tables Have Turned!
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Suno Chanda Season 2, Episode 23: Tables Have Turned!

'Suno Chanda' season 2 is currently airing on Hum TV and in the recent episode, the tables have truly turned on the main characters

If the past few episodes of the latest season have been disappointing, just as the audience began to openly complain, episode 23 turned the tables. The latest episode of Suno Chanda takes the viewer on an emotional rollercoaster. Episode after episode has been Mithoo-Maina centric lately, but finally, we have an episode that focused almost entirely on Arsal and Ajiya. 

The episode opens with Arsal and Ajiya confronting Mithoo about his lie – a white lie he told to protect Ajiya.  Mithoo told her that Arsal ate the lunch she sent each day when, in fact, Mithoo himself ate the lunch after Arsal’s refusal to do so.  Caught in his lie, Mithoo confesses, which upsets Ajiya and she leaves the room in anger.  It is here where we see Arsal and Ajiya have a discussion – and a rather heavy one at that.  Ajiya confesses to being unhappy, a declaration that takes Arsal by surprise.  Ajiya informs Arsal that she will give their relationship a timeline of one month before deciding her next step.  Hearing this, Arsal begins to cry, something the audience had yet to see.  This display of emotion won over viewers, who openly seemed to support Arsal in this scenario.

Suno Chanda Season 2, Episode 23: Tables Have Turned!

Arsal has been uncooperative and unsupportive regarding the entire issue of Ajiya’s education and, quite honestly, has come across as the immature half in the Arjiya marriage.  With the latest episode, however, the situation has changed.  The two greatest problems with Arsal and Ajiya as a married couple are lack of maturity and poor communication skills.  While Ajiya has shown moments of growth in this regard, her behavior today was aptly described by Arsal as “extreme.” Her emotions are extreme and in those moments of extreme emotions, she makes extreme decisions.  Her decision today felt rather extreme, especially considering Arsal and Jiya have not had even one logical, mature discussion about their differences in opinion.  While this tension has taken some time to build up, it has set the basis for an interesting conflict to carry the show to the end of the season. 

The household members also received some much-needed attention today.  It is endearing to see Nazakat and Naima visibly upset after witnessing Arsal speaking harshly to Ajiya.  This would hurt any set of parents and this served as a much needed dash of realism, seeing Nazakat reacting to his daughter being mistreated.  The scene between Shahana, Agha Ji, Nazakat and Jamshed as they discuss giving Masooma and Jalaal their share is a riot.  Watching Agha Ji and Shahana’s interaction leaves the viewer in splits, as Agha Ji is clearly taken aback by Shahana’s vocal demeanor. 

Suno Chanda Season 2, Episode 23: Tables Have Turned!

Last, but not least, viewers were given a highly enjoyable scene between Mithoo, Maina and Jalaal Mamoon. Mithoo and Maina are meeting in their usual spot under a tree in the lawn when Jalaal Mamoon shows up and mistakes Mithoo for a jinn.  While Jalaal has been an irritating character this season, Adnan Shah Tipu owns this scene and makes the viewer laugh. 

The season, after a lag, has picked up.  Here’s to hoping that the remaining 7 episodes are equally as good as episode 23!

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