Sunny Leone's Innerwear Stolen!
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Sunny Leone's Innerwear Stolen!

Hot gossip from the sets of Ragini MMS 2

This has got to be the funniest theft on a set ever. Here’s the dope on what happened to Sunny Leone while shooting for Ragini MMS 2! Apparently, Leone was wearing some really expensive, exclusive grey lingerie from Victoria’s Secret for a couple of scenes in Ragini MMS 2. And having shot in it for a while, it was tagged in the prop wardrobe. But when they needed it the next time, the lingerie was missing!

A source from the unit confirms this and says, “Sunny is extremely particular about her lingerie and likes to wear the best brands. Accordingly, lingerie from Victoria’s Secret (costing approximately INR 50,000) was ordered online.”

But since a thief made off with it all, the same items had to be re-ordered and Balaji Motion Pictures had to pay a premium for early shipping too! Hold your sides while you get this one – security has now been intensified on the sets of the film in order to prevent further theft of lingerie!  

Incidentally, we have a confirmation on this too. Tanuj Garg, CEO Balaji Motion Pictures nods a yes saying, “My production informed me of the incident and extra precautions were taken.”   

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