Sunny Leone Explains Why She Left for Los Angeles

Sunny Leone Explains Why She Left for Los Angeles

Sunny Leone talks to Subhash K Jha and explains her decision to take her children to LA

A  lot of collective eyebrows are raised at Sunny Leone’s abrupt flight to Los Angeles from Mumbai in the midst of the pandemic crisis when all airports and flights across the world have come to a halt. But Sunny when I connected with her in LA, is very clear about her priorities. 

“We flew to our home in LA for the safety of the children. I know it’s not safe anywhere anymore in the world. But we felt that at least in our home in LA  which has a compound of 1 acre of land, our children can play and be safe.  Isn’t that what most people in India have done? Move to the relative safety of  Nature? They’ve gone to their farmhouses, back to their villages where they feel they’ll be relatively safe. My eldest daughter Nisha’s friends have gone to their farm-houses in Lonavala, etc. That’s what we’ve done too. We kind of brought them to a  place that’s an escape from city life. We’ve brought our three children to a place where they can run and play and feel free to do what children want to do.”

Sunny misses Mumbai. “You have no idea how much I miss Mumbai, I feel sad not to be there. I am in a beautiful place and home but my heart is in Mumbai. I wish I was in Mumbai to take my children down to the art centre. I wish I could take Nisha to school. Of course, my husband Daniel and I love our friends and family in America and it’s important to be around them at a time like this. That’s what needs to be done right now. But I really really miss India.”

What advice to bring up children in the new post-Corona normal? “I wouldn’t have any concrete answer to that. We’re writing out a  new book on how to raise our children  And we are going to find out how to go about it as time goes by. Just because the lockdown ends when it ends, and we can out of our homes it doesn’t mean our children are safe. We are now going to be telling children for all times to come not to touch anything or not to touch their faces which we don’t want them to touch anyway. So at this very moment, we’re writing out a new scenario for children all over the world. I don’t know when schools will re-open. Until there’s a vaccine we are all struck.”

About New York suffering far more than other parts of the US, Sunny Leone observes, “Yes New York is suffering like many many other parts of the world. I do feel if New York had been locked down on time and  New Yorkers had stayed home then maybe they’d be better off.  Americans object vehemently to any attempt to curb their freedom. Unfortunately this time the freedom has been at the cost of innumerable lives. No one in NY took the dos and don’t’s like washing hands and staying indoors seriously. Thankfully Indians listened to the Government. But the number of infections can’t be helped in India as there are so many diverse people and communities staying closely packed together. But yes, the fact that Indians stayed home and stayed clean definitely helped keep the numbers down.”

Sunny’s three children  Nisha aged 3, and twin boys Noah and Asher aged  2, are widely travelled at such a  young age. Does travel open up young minds or does it disorient them?

The protective mother thinks over that one. “I think there are two types of families out there. The families where the children live in the same city as their parents and the other kind where the children travel are a lot. Both the children that grow up in the same locality and those that travel are blessed and have amazing advantages. The one leads a stable life the other sees the world and imbibes various experiences. Our children are going to be widely travelled kind. Hopefully, they’ll grow up into balanced human beings.And they better know travelling is a normal way to live. They can keep in touch with their friends all over the world. They are too young to understand how to keep up relationships. We will teach them about that eventually.”

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