Sunny Deol’s War with Yash Chopra – Blast From the Past

Sunny Deol’s War with Yash Chopra – Blast From the Past

Shah Rukh Khan had something to do with Sunny Deol’s problems with the late Yash Chopra

Darr,  the  1993 Yash Chopra blockbuster which took Shah Rukh Khan’s stardom higher by at least 8 notches, created a permanent rift between Chopra and his real-life neighbour Sunny Deol. The thing is, Yash Chopra  loved Shah Rukh  Khan  like  a son  from the  time  he first worked with him in Darr. So it isn’t hard to see Darr as  an SRK vehicle.  Sure, he played  the antagonist, and if today  Darr was to be re-made  it would be  difficult for  the Chopras  to  romanticize  SRK’s stalker  character. (Jadoo, teri nazar indeed!).

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Back then Chopra and SRK had a ball creating a  dark obsessive lover’s character, at the cost  of the film’s official hero Sunny Deol  who found himself at a disadvantage regarding his co-star’s role. Sources  close to the  project say, Deol was  aghast at  the  prominence  given to  what he  was  told was   the  villain  of  the  film. “Shah Rukh  was the  villain. But he had all the punches, punchlines , hit songs and audiences’ sympathy. Sunny Deol  was couldn’t believe  how lopsided the two main roles had  become, with the  script openly  favouring  the  grey character,” says the source.

There were huge showdowns and  fights  throughout the making of  Darr. Finally  Deol  completed  the  film , swearing never  to work with  Yash Chopra  or Shah Rukh Khan again. Deol  kept his word.
Interestingly Deol’s  role in  Darr was  first  offered  to Aamir Khan who smartly asked  for  the script. Yash Chopra  never reverted.