Sunny Deol Goes Bald
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Sunny Deol Goes Bald

What do you think of the actor’s recent look?

Bollywood actor Sunny Deol, who returned as the director and actor of his latest film Ghayal Once More, a sequel of his 1990 film Ghayal, has undergone a rather bold transformation for his role in the film which traces the journey and trials of Ajay Mehra, the aspiring boxing champ from the original

A crucial jail sequence required Sunny Deol, who returns with the iconic character after a quarter of a century, to go bald. It was integral to the script and for a few minutes, the actor/director toyed with the idea of shaving his head before opting for prosthetics to ensure continuity, an article in Mumbai Mirror reported.

Sunny admits that the prosthetics alone took five-six hours and was "quite tedious" for this one-day shoot, though he's not just happy with the look but also the overwhelming response to the trailer. "It has reached 3 million views collectively on all digital platforms," he adds


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