Sundeep Kishan: ‘I Could Have Lost My Life’

Sundeep Kishan: ‘I Could Have Lost My Life’

Telugu actor Sundeep Kishan escaped by a hair’s breadth from a permanent eye injury during the shoot of a film

Telugu actor Sundeep Kishan had a providential escape last week from a permanent eye injury when he  was  hit  on the face  during the shooting  of his forthcoming horror-comedy Ninu Veedani Needanu Nene. “The injury was right under the eye. There was a lot of bleeding. So everybody on the set panicked. But I am healing well and almost fully healed. Hopefully there will be no scar. We were doing an action sequence in a bus. The glass had to be shattered using a tiny explosive device. The bus’s window glass broke and stuck me right in my face. It pierced my cheek right under the eye. Thankfully it was a half inch below my eye and not deep,” says Sundeep.

This is the second injury during shooting for Sundeep. “The last time I got twelve stitches. I keep getting injured during shooting. Luckily, no lasting damage.”

Says Sundeep, “Thankfully the injury is not major and it was on the last day of shooting. I shudder to think what would have happened if my eye was injured. Now I’ll be okay to start promotions for my film in a few days.”

Several actors in recent times have suffered near-serious injuries. Vicky Kaushal too recently got hit inches away from his eye when a heavy object fell on his face during the shooting. He had to take several stitches on his face and he still carries the scar around.

Years ago Aishwarya Rai Bachchan nearly lost her life when a speeding car during a stunt sequence lost control and hit her. Her life was saved when she got thrown against a bush.

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